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  • Whew! This is a long one! In the interest of not causing resentment, please don't spark any arguments with rude and disparaging remarks, nor will I accept condescending ones. Passive aggressive behavior doesn't make you innocent of being an ass. Dating ou...
  • You came back and I'm squashing the tendrils of hope.It's very faint but it's there.But so much have changed and I don't know what I want anymore.I don't even know if this is just a sighting, an apparition of what was, what could've been.If it is, then it...
  • She was a tiny dog -- a Jack Russell/Chihuahua cross, weighing in at about 5.5 kg or 12 lb. She lived with us for a little over 17 years--which is almost as long as our kids lived at home before moving out and starting lives of their own. She was family.W...
  • Crown Prince Bryan stepped from the ground shuttle and flexed his shoulders in Aldebaran's warmth as he waited for Ambassadors Chaim Berlaine of Earth and Karl Vonnasti of Hammer to follow him onto Leprech's leafy, green surface. Small, muscular, red-head...
  • I need someome to find me. I don't know who that someone is and I'm not sure of my ability to bestow them with the desire to find me.. but I could really use them right about now.I've always realized I'm an outcast, not necessarily 'different', just someo...
  • While Orville and Wilbur could have told me that my attempt at unassisted flight just wasn't going to work out, that wasn't the first time I flew, failed, and fell.Some years ago a large branch broke from one of our trees and I couldn't reach it to c...
  • OK,  every body. This is another one of those deals that I find myself in because I am so not comfortable with social situations. I can get along with anyone, basically, and people always feel comfortable with me because I'm friendly and I maintain g...
  • The other day I saw a clip from the TV show, Network in which a man states that America is not the greatest, and proceeded to spout facts and figures to support his claim.  I decided to do some checking...and here's what I found.We now are rated the ...
  • My husband with all his fancy degrees and talent is not going to find a job.  Cause he simply doesn't believe that he will. And he has stopped applying for a job. He doesn't want to do anything less than what he  he is old now nobody needs his e...
  • tweatweaI am sad. I am always sad. I try hard not. I try hard to atleast cry and get over it but nothing seems to be working. Nobody can help. And even god who is the only one who can supposedly help me seems like he doesn't want to. Every one I know is w...

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  • Like a soft and playful apparition, the gentle breeze when it blows in a sweet caress upon a baby's face, takes it's tiny breath away.  With perfect silence, it delightfully lifts the spirit, floating it just a little nearer to giggling enchantment in an unexpected wisp of bliss.  And so it also is, whenever my love, draws me close, and closer still to him to breathe his sweet desire upon me, it leaves me reaching out, grasping for the sky.  Filled with life yet without the very air I need.  I am sustained only by him.  I love him.  Completely!  And I need to say this but I can not speak the words.  For I am weightless.  I am overcome.  I am dizzy in him.  I am floating in the vast and omnipresent vacuum of his space.  He has stopped time and there is no sound.  We have become a singularity.  There is only his eyes gazing into mine.  Passing within and without through windows to the soul.  Swimming in pools of twinkling wonder.  A push.  A pull.  A willing acquiesce. A beautiful surrender.  An understanding in our every movement which any heart that dances knows.  A secret song that every soul has echoed.  There is a long and quiet moment.  A slow and steady build toward a crescendo and a quickening of forever.  And then, suddenly, at the epoch of all that led to this moment and all that lies beyond it, I gasp.  I quiver.  And life comes rushing in again, and I am filled with him.  He is all there is.  He lies above me.  He pierces through me.  He is all around me.  My soul is inundated with a rapture overflowing and that same love that paused the beating of my heart, at the whispered behest of his body's rhythm brings me back to life!  He is the wind that gives flight to my soul!  He is the light these wings are drawn to.  I slowly breathe again.  For him alone, I breathe.  And I breathe in deeply all of him!


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  • Zenobia
    Hmmm. I remember a time when young but no longer too young, when being enraptured in love was like this.

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  • WingedWonder
    WingedWonder Zenobia

    Ahh, but regardless of the point in which we are in life, love is always there.  In some form or another the universe is always weaving a fabric of emotions throughout our lives.  We wrap ourselves in it and wear it out just in time to try it on anew.  Love is mercurial.  It dons various outfits over the course of many seasons.  Changing all the time.  Some of them comfortable and flowing while others are constricting.  Some of them attractive on us and others most unflattering.   At times protective yet just as often dangerous.  This thing, love, no matter the time, no matter the person, is still the perfect thing in which to dress our hearts..  Weather In our youth or in our twilight love looks good on us all.  May you you always feel it's power.  May you always wear it well, hartfire.

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  • Zenobia
    Zenobia WingedWonder
    Although I feel many forms of love in my daily life and enjoy them all, I remember the euphoria of the particular kind of love you describe. I first felt it in the romantic or sexual context, back when I was twenty, and it changed my life. Once I had discovered it, I craved it and longed to get back to it - but never did. Something in the alchemy was unrepeatable. And perhaps that was a good thing because it pushed my journey of learning.

    In one sense, everything we do is about love. Even emotions like anger and fear are indirectly related to the needs arising when love is absent; the attempts, albeit mistaken, to return to the actions and feelings of loving and being loved.

    In later life, through Meta meditation (Theravadin Buddhist) I learned how to cultivate unconditional loving kindness in a way that is practical. It tends to be pleasantly infectious and can sometimes create euphoria. That too can be addictive, until one learns to accept the necessary waxing and waning of waves and tides, like breathing in and out.
    In my view, the art of loving is about how to nurture the well-being of life. 

    The sexual aspect of love can create overwhelmingly euphoric highs, but even when the hormonal tide diminishes in later life, the feelings arising from mutual-acceptance, respect, trust, support, sharing of experience and sense of belonging still provide continuous sources of joy, appreciation and satisfaction.

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  • WingedWonder
    WingedWonder Zenobia

    I so appreciate the point that you make about even negative emotions usually stemming from certain aspects of love and the way it manifests in our lives or it's lack of doing so.  I've always subscribed to that belief as well.  It seems to be a testament to just how important and how powerful this force we call love is.  Whatever form it takes It positions itself as the fulcrum on which so many things teeter-totter. Both good things and bad things.  Our spirituality, our sexuality, even our health.  At the moment I am without a doubt enjoying this "hormonal tidal wave" and the effects it has on the experience.  It is like a drug and I am addicted, but I also continually hope that there is a day that awaits me when, whether it's with this relationship or any other facet of my life, that I can say I am nestled in a peace that comes from a purest form of love.  Thanks as always for sharing your wisdom.  You know I think you're brilliant.


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  • Zenobia
    Zenobia WingedWonder
    Part of me is just a little jealous - I would love to experience that tide again - wouldn't mind drowning in it - yes, its addictive.
    Instead, I'll sit back here in my rocking chair and quietly enjoy the thought of you enjoy the full bloom of youth.
    Same kind of kisses blown straight back to you, with heaps of laughter and sense of fun.
    Hope one day you'll tell me more about the lucky fellow who receives your blessings.

    December 31, 2016

  • Zack - Mr. GenXer
    Zack - Mr. GenXer
    WHEW!!I had to read that twice. Everything is written in such detail and it was like I was right there with you experiencing the same things. The quiet moments looking into each other's eyes. No one, but no one else there but you and me. 
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  • WingedWonder
    WingedWonder Zack - Mr. GenXer
    Thank you, Zack!  I am especially thrilled that you liked it.  Words though, no matter how lofty they may be, still fail to paint the picture and all it's colour.  If only there was some way to show you.  Hmmm!
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  • Zack - Mr. GenXer
    Zack - Mr. GenXer
    I don't think there is really an incorrect way to interpret this. To me it described two men joining as one.
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  • WingedWonder
    WingedWonder Zack - Mr. GenXer

    Yes, definitely.  As the author I was writing from my own perspective and experience.  The ecstasy of being completely free to love.  Even those of the same gender.  The picture above the piece undoubtedly guides the reader toward a particular path.  I hope though, that the emotions found in the work will speak to everyone.  Everyone should feel love and the never ending expanse of pleasure hidden in this sea of intimacy.  The water is intimidating and sometimes scary but there are so many beautiful mysteries found in the deep.

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