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  • Whew! This is a long one! In the interest of not causing resentment, please don't spark any arguments with rude and disparaging remarks, nor will I accept condescending ones. Passive aggressive behavior doesn't make you innocent of being an ass. Dating ou...
  • You came back and I'm squashing the tendrils of hope.It's very faint but it's there.But so much have changed and I don't know what I want anymore.I don't even know if this is just a sighting, an apparition of what was, what could've been.If it is, then it...
  • She was a tiny dog -- a Jack Russell/Chihuahua cross, weighing in at about 5.5 kg or 12 lb. She lived with us for a little over 17 years--which is almost as long as our kids lived at home before moving out and starting lives of their own. She was family.W...
  • Crown Prince Bryan stepped from the ground shuttle and flexed his shoulders in Aldebaran's warmth as he waited for Ambassadors Chaim Berlaine of Earth and Karl Vonnasti of Hammer to follow him onto Leprech's leafy, green surface. Small, muscular, red-head...
  • I need someome to find me. I don't know who that someone is and I'm not sure of my ability to bestow them with the desire to find me.. but I could really use them right about now.I've always realized I'm an outcast, not necessarily 'different', just someo...
  • While Orville and Wilbur could have told me that my attempt at unassisted flight just wasn't going to work out, that wasn't the first time I flew, failed, and fell.Some years ago a large branch broke from one of our trees and I couldn't reach it to c...
  • OK,  every body. This is another one of those deals that I find myself in because I am so not comfortable with social situations. I can get along with anyone, basically, and people always feel comfortable with me because I'm friendly and I maintain g...
  • The other day I saw a clip from the TV show, Network in which a man states that America is not the greatest, and proceeded to spout facts and figures to support his claim.  I decided to do some checking...and here's what I found.We now are rated the ...
  • My husband with all his fancy degrees and talent is not going to find a job.  Cause he simply doesn't believe that he will. And he has stopped applying for a job. He doesn't want to do anything less than what he  he is old now nobody needs his e...
  • tweatweaI am sad. I am always sad. I try hard not. I try hard to atleast cry and get over it but nothing seems to be working. Nobody can help. And even god who is the only one who can supposedly help me seems like he doesn't want to. Every one I know is w...

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Sometimes it's better not to ask.

  • Have you ever seen somebody wearing a lapel pin in the form of a question mark? And were you ever tempted to ask, “What’s the question?” Beware! You have just invited an amateur evangelist to bend your ear for as long as it takes you to escape. For the question will be, “What do you think of the Lord Jesus Christ?”

    But not all symbols are as innocent. Adolf Hitler was attracted to the Norse runes and a number of them were incorporated into his Nazi regimen. The best known were the twin Sigs of the Schutzstaffel, the feared SS. The Swastika itself originated in Sanskritwhere it meant “well being”. It was converted by the Nazis into a despised symbol of hatred.

    Tattoos often sometimes have meaning. I once saw a guy with WOFTAM tattooed on his bicep. I knew what it meant but wondered why he chose to wear it. It was the acronym for his touch football team and declared that they were a Waste Of Freaking Time And Money.

    But the tattoo I wanted to talk about, and the reason I wrote this post, relates back to my opening paragraph. Sometimes it’s better not to ask. I was working with a former English seaman who had a Chinese character tattooed on the back of his hand. Innocently, I asked, “What does that mean?” And, as quick as a mongoose seizing a cobra, he said, “Will you buy me a beer?”

    Of course I did, and he gleefully admitted that he’d had far more value in free beers than he had paid to have the tattoo done in the first place.



  • Harry
    Ha Ha!  I thoroughly enjoyed reading this Didge.   Thanks for sharing.
    January 11

  • Didge
    Thanks, Harry. He was a clever guy. We used to work night shift together.
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  • Ancient One
    Ancient One
    I know a few US Soldiers and Seamen (and some sea women now) who tilted their elbow once too often and for unknown reasons got a tattoo in a very foreign land, in a very foreign language. Latter on in life, usually within a few years they discover from an honest native speaker of the very foreign language what was permanently written on their body. In the twelve cases I can think of the true translation of the writings referred to the "wearer" as a person of dubious heritage or having some very disgusting descriptive physical characteristics.   
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  • Didge
    Didge Ancient One
    I remember a joke about a guy who asked the waiter in a Chinese restaurant to translate his tattoo and it said, "He cried like a baby."

    I'm sure there are lots of tattoos like you describe. I once saw a Japanese girl interviewed on TV about her English language T-shirt. "No," she said, "I don't know what it means. I just like it." No need for me to tell you what was written in large letters across her chest. 

    Nice to see you here, Ancient. It's a shame what happened to Blurtit but this is a good place to be and most people are friendly. 

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