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  • The photograph is of my brother, taken just after dawn the morning a motor rally passed by a few kilometres from my home. When I got it back from the processor and had a look at it I decided it needed some explanation, so I wrote the accompanying verse. Y...
  • My Thoughts On Saying ‘Bless You’ When Someone Sneezes 2/21/17   OK, I know some people are of the thought persuasion that this is as important as saying “please” and “thank you”, but I have to say, I disagree. ...
  • The wonderful Mediterranean Sea encompasses Europe, Africa and Asia. It is a result of this mixed blend of societies that Mediterranean cooking has a wide assortment of sustenance things to look over. Adhering to a good diet arrangements are a piece of th...
  • you know,  im going good i have to say.... well im trying to keep a good moral, beside everything...the hard is that i never have anyone to talk to.people view me as a sort of alien or whatever... a livin being that they should forget/ who have...
  • How smart are you? What sort of personality do you have? Are there dark shadows lurking in your psyche that threaten to overwhelm you in times of stress? Dare to take the following test to learn the things that even your closest friends won't tell you. 1...
  • Shhh!  Hush now.  Listen.  What was that?  Did you notice it?  A presence, an intensity, brushing up against us raising the hair on arms.   Felt, but hardly seen, this visitor we call Silence tip toes suspciously down th...
  • One autumn Saturday Lynne and I spent the day in a land of oddly shaped volcanic plugs and strange, eye-catching rocks, about 240 kilometres west of Sydney. We went hang gliding with our son, Neil, at Rylstone Airport – a mostly disused airstrip n...
  • Karma is a fundamental mechanism of our existence. It applies to everyone, regardless of belief. Anyone can understand the reasonableness of karma, and all great spiritual authorities have taught the principle of karma: that there are reactions to our act...
  • Have you ever heard of a preacher who went to sleep during his own sermon? Or a missionary who went skinny dipping? Or a pastor who wouldn’t let his flock go to the movies? I met them all in my salad days before I met Omar Khayyam and found an alter...
  • Britain's in political meltdown. A Tory is bemoaning the lack of impartiality by the Speaker of the House of Commons. This is unacceptable. Some proportion of the populace voted for something they didn't understand and to highlight this in a democrat...

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Sometimes it's better not to ask.

  • Have you ever seen somebody wearing a lapel pin in the form of a question mark? And were you ever tempted to ask, “What’s the question?” Beware! You have just invited an amateur evangelist to bend your ear for as long as it takes you to escape. For the question will be, “What do you think of the Lord Jesus Christ?”

    But not all symbols are as innocent. Adolf Hitler was attracted to the Norse runes and a number of them were incorporated into his Nazi regimen. The best known were the twin Sigs of the Schutzstaffel, the feared SS. The Swastika itself originated in Sanskritwhere it meant “well being”. It was converted by the Nazis into a despised symbol of hatred.

    Tattoos often sometimes have meaning. I once saw a guy with WOFTAM tattooed on his bicep. I knew what it meant but wondered why he chose to wear it. It was the acronym for his touch football team and declared that they were a Waste Of Freaking Time And Money.

    But the tattoo I wanted to talk about, and the reason I wrote this post, relates back to my opening paragraph. Sometimes it’s better not to ask. I was working with a former English seaman who had a Chinese character tattooed on the back of his hand. Innocently, I asked, “What does that mean?” And, as quick as a mongoose seizing a cobra, he said, “Will you buy me a beer?”

    Of course I did, and he gleefully admitted that he’d had far more value in free beers than he had paid to have the tattoo done in the first place.



  • Harry
    Ha Ha!  I thoroughly enjoyed reading this Didge.   Thanks for sharing.
    January 11

  • Didge
    Thanks, Harry. He was a clever guy. We used to work night shift together.
    January 11 - 1 likes this

  • DaydreambelieverTrumpDisbeliever
    LOL bloody English :P but you have to admit it's a very good tattoo if that gets him loads of free beers. YOU could consider getting one?
    January 12

  • Didge
    Didge DaydreambelieverTrumpDisbeliever
    HI Daydream. He was a nice guy. Unfortunately, I heard he had bad health and didn't make it past his 50s. But he's a man I remember with affection.
    January 12

  • DaydreambelieverTrumpDisbeliever
    DaydreambelieverTrumpDisbeliever Didge
    Of course he was a nice guy - I was teasing! ALL Brits are lovely charming and totally gorgeous 
    January 12 - 2 like this

  • Didge
    Didge DaydreambelieverTrumpDisbeliever
    Daydream, apropos your "all Brits are lovely..." we've just had a new recruit from the Old Dart who was undoubtedly the cleverest, funniest contributor we had on Blurtit. And he hates cats! Keep an eye out for Plingsby. You'll enjoy him. 
    January 17 - 1 likes this

  • Ancient One
    Ancient One
    I know a few US Soldiers and Seamen (and some sea women now) who tilted their elbow once too often and for unknown reasons got a tattoo in a very foreign land, in a very foreign language. Latter on in life, usually within a few years they discover from an honest native speaker of the very foreign language what was permanently written on their body. In the twelve cases I can think of the true translation of the writings referred to the "wearer" as a person of dubious heritage or having some very disgusting descriptive physical characteristics.   
    January 17 - 3 like this

  • Didge
    Didge Ancient One
    I remember a joke about a guy who asked the waiter in a Chinese restaurant to translate his tattoo and it said, "He cried like a baby."

    I'm sure there are lots of tattoos like you describe. I once saw a Japanese girl interviewed on TV about her English language T-shirt. "No," she said, "I don't know what it means. I just like it." No need for me to tell you what was written in large letters across her chest. 

    Nice to see you here, Ancient. It's a shame what happened to Blurtit but this is a good place to be and most people are friendly. 

    January 17 - 1 likes this