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  • On this day in 1960 I bought my first umbrella. If I can pinch an idea from Dickens, “It was the best of days, it was the worst of days.” It was the best because it was our wedding day. It was the worst because the rain was bucketing down an...
  • This is my experience from last night:My daughter, Bailey, has the flu. She went to her doctor on Wednesday and was diagnosed with it. On Thursday, yesterday, she called me home from work because her fever was at 103, and she was hurting really bad. When ...
  • The photograph is of my brother, taken just after dawn the morning a motor rally passed by a few kilometres from my home. When I got it back from the processor and had a look at it I decided it needed some explanation, so I wrote the accompanying verse. Y...
  • My Thoughts On Saying ‘Bless You’ When Someone Sneezes 2/21/17   OK, I know some people are of the thought persuasion that this is as important as saying “please” and “thank you”, but I have to say, I disagree. ...
  • The wonderful Mediterranean Sea encompasses Europe, Africa and Asia. It is a result of this mixed blend of societies that Mediterranean cooking has a wide assortment of sustenance things to look over. Adhering to a good diet arrangements are a piece of th...
  • you know,  im going good i have to say.... well im trying to keep a good moral, beside everything...the hard is that i never have anyone to talk to.people view me as a sort of alien or whatever... a livin being that they should forget/ who have...
  • How smart are you? What sort of personality do you have? Are there dark shadows lurking in your psyche that threaten to overwhelm you in times of stress? Dare to take the following test to learn the things that even your closest friends won't tell you. 1...
  • Shhh!  Hush now.  Listen.  What was that?  Did you notice it?  A presence, an intensity, brushing up against us raising the hair on arms.   Felt, but hardly seen, this visitor we call Silence tip toes suspciously down th...
  • One autumn Saturday Lynne and I spent the day in a land of oddly shaped volcanic plugs and strange, eye-catching rocks, about 240 kilometres west of Sydney. We went hang gliding with our son, Neil, at Rylstone Airport – a mostly disused airstrip n...
  • Karma is a fundamental mechanism of our existence. It applies to everyone, regardless of belief. Anyone can understand the reasonableness of karma, and all great spiritual authorities have taught the principle of karma: that there are reactions to our act...

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  • Just Asking
    Just Asking
    *Raises Coffee Mug* To better days and app installations.
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  • DaydreambelieverTrumpDisbeliever
    DaydreambelieverTrumpDisbeliever Just Asking
    Thank you .. today was definitely a better day :)  Daughter has agreed to install the App :)
    December 2, 2016

  • Zenobia
    I'm remembering an instance when my sister and I quarrelled.
    An art critic had rung to ask if I would come with him to Paris. If I accepted, he said, he could get me and Australia Council Grant.
    My sister overheard the conversation and heard me refuse the critic.
    Afterwards she insisted that I should go and flew into a rage when I continued to say no.
    She never asked me why.
    My reasons...
     1. I had already lived in Paris for 4.5 months, had seen all the main attractions and art institutions many times and thoroughly, and detested the sexual harassment of French men. (She knew this but could have forgotten it.)
    2. I had no respect for any grants gained by nepotism and could not live with myself if I ever accepted one.
    3. The critic wanted to have and affair with me and I knew he was schizophremic and prone to severe episodes of psychosis.

    If my sister had been willing to stop long enough to ask why, I am certain she would have understood. But she never gave me a chance to explain. Her rage became so abusive and physically violent that I had to ask her to leave my place.

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  • DaydreambelieverTrumpDisbeliever
    DaydreambelieverTrumpDisbeliever Zenobia
    Wow, I am with you.. the art critic thought he could *buy* you and you are worth way more than that.. you did the right thing but as you say, sometimes people don't listen.  Daughter didn't listen and that's what frustrated me...  today we went out for a meal, she watched some mental health videos and has agreed to try the App lol but *only* in school not at home where she has her *own* strategies aka video games... well it's a start :)
    December 2, 2016