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  • I see there are many changes on the AM format. I wonder if they are temporary. I can't even ask a question.
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  • If you've ever seen a street parade in an old movie you'll be familiar with the "ticker tape" thrown from office windows as the parade passes below. When it wasn't being used as street litter that tape was also used in teletypes and, after use, could be t...
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  • Not the best day for me today.. still unwell, tho getting better... took me all day to get the christmas decs down... I'd anticipated a couple of hours, a few more to do the other chores and maybe a rest and a film to reward myself - didn't work out that ...
  • 2016 was one heck of a year and I have to say, I am sure glad to be done with it. I know a lot of you have been asking development/ glitch-related questions and I want to address what’s happening with that. If your curiosity will be satisfied by hea...

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Mortality... the line is very thin

  • A terrible year for celebrity/music losses.... unbelievably so.. and I guess what's hit me hard is that most of them were young, or relatively so... 47-60 is on average...AND that they were people who were very talented and of MY era.. that's hard.. for many reasons which I hope to explore a little here... 

    All losses of extremely talented people leave our lives a little greyer and sadder, especially as they died so young and could well have had their best yet to come..  but for me most shocking and difficult to bear were the following.. some are fairly UK specific and few outside UK will have heard of some of these... 

    Lemmy.. that was the first one.. I truly cannot believe Lemmy is gone.. truly thought he was immortal... for those who don't know Lemmy - look up Motorhead and Probot.. a larger than life character and musically awesome in a category of awesome few can even get near..

    David Bowie.. need I say more.. I wasn't the greatest fan but he was always *there* part of my era.. way too young...

    Alan Rickman... a truly admired actor, popularised in the Harry Potter movies but he was soooo much more.. again too young

    Victoria Wood - a comedian.. funny, ordinary.. had a way of making you think, yea me too, while laughing your head off... died way, way too young.

    Terry Wogan - most outside UK won't have heard of him but to us he was the most famous Irishman, loved for his charm and wit.. Radio 2 presenter, gameshow presenter.  I used to listen to his radio show back when it wasn't fashionable for a 20 something woman to listen to radio 2.. I even wrote him a poem once! 

    All those hard enough to bear...but then in the last few days Rick Parfitt - again perhaps not well known outside the UK but huge, huge band here - Status Quo with a gazillion hits... so very much part of my youth.. 

    And George Michael.. a true star from my youth, my young days listening to Wham and surely no one will ever forget the song Last Christmas, which like Fairy Tale of New York has become so much part of CHristmas so that it's just not Christmas unless you hear it...

    I've tried to do a bit of self analysis.. why do these people's loss hurt so much, why does it bother me.. is it their talent? Is it that they were so much icons, almost institutions from my past - these are all the people I spent hours listening to or watching in my 20s and 30s.. when I was young and the world seemed young too... So perhaps yea it's partly that.. that i feel i've lost something from my past... something i thought would always be there... 

    But i think also it's a question of mortality.. many of these people were my age.. George Michael was 53.. I am 52... it's way too young.. and I guess in seeing these people so famous die, i am faced with my own mortality.. who knows how long I have left on this mortal coil.. and i know I dont want to die.. I have so many things I still want to see and do.. 

    And selfishly.. selfish fear.. if these people, who were rich and famous couldn't prevent early death from cancer and things... doesn't this make it all the worse for the likes of me.. ordinary folk who don't have money to spend on fancy doctors?  

    I think it's all these things and more... most especially the losses of wonderful people who truly brightened my life and brought comfort in their songs and movies when I was still learning about this big old world...



  • WelbyQuentin
    After reading your words, I, for me, think these words you wrote fit for me ~

    "I think it's all these things and more"

    Be Well,

    December 27, 2016 - 1 likes this

  • Lago
    It IS scary, is it not?
    I enjoyed reading this and looking up some of the names I didn't know. Thanks for posting.

    December 28, 2016 - 1 likes this

  • DaydreambelieverTrumpDisbeliever
    DaydreambelieverTrumpDisbeliever Lago
    There were so many more too :( Mohammed Ali, Prince, now Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds, admittedly the latter was not young but even more sad because of the situation :(
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