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Female Battle of the bands [ROUND 6]

Mazzy Star



(only 4 rounds left folks. Fan inspired picks to come and suggestions welcomed)

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  • SapphicHeart
    Tough one. Love them both but always had a weak point for Björk. Can't vote against her.
    January 8 - 1 likes this

  • Glis
    Glis SapphicHeart
    I think they're both great too.

    One of my favorite Bjork tracks even though it's kinda played out. If I'm not mistaken the song is to her brother for being a lazy mooch.

    January 8 - 1 likes this

  • Lucia
    Can't abide Bjork so t'other person gets the vote without having to do anything. 'Tis quite a pleasant little ditty though.
    January 8 - 1 likes this

  • Glis
    Glis Lucia
    lmao.....   The little pixie rubs you the wrong way eh?

    I'm working on a round for ya', don't worry. ;)

    January 8 - 1 likes this

  • Lucia
    Lucia Glis
    You are? Does it involve Patti Smith and Pj Harvey?
    Nina Simone and Aretha Franklin? 
    The Spice Girls and Steps? (IF the last two ever make an appearance I will never speak to you again. And you wouldn't want that)

    January 8 - 1 likes this

  • Glis
    Glis Lucia
    Maybe,   One of them has actually been considered. 
    Well two, but for different battles.   Yes,   as it winds down I'm gonna try and pick battles inspired by people who been participating.

    January 8

  • Lago
    Lago Lucia
    The five girls from Steps will never be cooler than the Spice Girls.
    The Spice girls have the word "ice" in their name. Eh?

    January 8 - 1 likes this

  • Lucia
    Lucia Lago
    Smile. Is that the best you can do ;
    January 8

  • Lago
    Lago Lucia
    Sorry im very sleepy. Ill do better. )
    January 8 - 2 like this

  • Lago
    Didn't even listened to that other one. Bjork any day.
    January 8 - 2 like this

  • Glis
    Glis Lago
    That's not  Gotta give 'em a chance at least. ;P
    January 8 - 1 likes this

  • WingedWonder
    This is a very difficult one for me.  I love Mazzy Star and have some specifically wonderful memories of some good times unfolding while her music played.  Boy, those were good times.  MMMM!  Anyway, UGH!  You've backed me into a corner here.  Ultimately I think I need to vote for Bjork because she is so fantastically weird she simply demands to be noticed.  She is also the very picture of a true artist.  Not everyone gets her but that's ok.  That's actually a plus in my book.  So, Go Bjork!  (sorry, Hope Sandoval)
    January 8 - 3 like this

  • Glis
    Glis WingedWonder
    This one would be the hardest for me too.    These are prolly my two favorites so far along of with Joan Jett.  Hell, this isn't about me though, it's about the girls who rock out  ( except Lita,  IDK how she made it on here)
    January 9

  • Jaimie
    I'm not a Bjork fan and never have been cos I don't get it. But I've never heard either song ... I just bought mazzy tune on iTunes cos I'm a fan now ... Thank you introduce me her ... Meh... to bjork though ;) Cos I said so 
    January 9 - 1 likes this

  • Glis
    Glis Jaimie
    Oh i am so happy then.  If someone doesn't know about Mazzy Star then I'm thrilled to introduce them.   They were terrific! 
    January 9 - 2 like this

  • Jeph
    I'm going to have to go with Bjork not just because it was going to be the name of my last daughter. It was tough call to pick between the two.
    January 11 - 2 like this

  • Glis
    Glis Jeph
    Thanks Jeph.   

    Hey,  correct me if I'm wrong but your avi is the Roma flag right?

    January 11

  • Jeph
    Jeph Glis
    Yes  it is the Roma/Romani gypsy flag. 
    January 11 - 1 likes this

  • SavvyAnsley
    Hope you take my suggestions into consideration, Glis! But please don't pit them against one another!
    January 15

  • WelbyQuentin
    Mazzy Star and Bjork!!
    Neither the group Mazzy Star nor Bjork do less than magnificent work!
    My congrats to whomever wins -- I'll be happy either way.
    I didn't vote -- shame on me.

    January 16