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  • I wrote these to perform at the Nimbin Performance Poetry World Cup - my first attempt at entering this competition which has a $2,000 first prize.I knew ahead of time that I hadn't a hope of winning. Just as well that was my purpose. My goal was to enjoy...
  • The Day Amrita Stood Against the Axmen   I’ve found the only cool spot on the knoll under a copse of khejri acacias. Bandhu, our huge black and tan shepherd, pants and watches the goats. He lets me lean against him for a pillow. The nannies c...
  •     My roots suck nutrients  from the rot in the mud.   Water is my world; its skin, my cloak.  I thirst for light.   When young my bud strove to open  in the gloaming of pre-dawn, but shrunk in fear and...
  • Beloved Twinkle Dink asked a question on the main board last week, "would you explain yourself?"I'm sure it was one of those delightfully enigmatic and playful questions that he knew would be difficult to answer.The following letter, part of an exchange w...
  • Impermanence   As they have for millions of years, these trees tower.  Softly they are dressed in damp velvet mosses, liverworts,  festooned with stag-horn epiphytes, studded with orange slivers of fungi.  Drunken fragrances ...
  • Her gold-plated grappling hooks    Titanium light and tungsten strong, her gold-plated grappling hooks streamline back into her undercarriage, as she, surveillance master,  sours the thermals. The flecks of her grey breast  ble...
  • Oh, Mercurial Man,   We are the land — its water — its heated air. We are the land alive, unique in semi-arid life. Call us Bimblebox of Galilee.  In this shred of wild you can hear us,  in fitful fighting, hissing, spitti...
  • Faint Hearted   Children stand at attention in ranks and files,  sway in heat waves on tarmac. Headmaster drones on and on. The girls’ uniform is white shirt under forest green tunic, four pleated layers of nylon sucking up the sun. ...
  •     I’ve been suffering grief for what feels like a very long time now - four years - since I first read Guy McPherson's major essay on global warming on his site Nature Bats Last. Tears threaten just below the surface of my a...
  • NAMASTELet's investin Ourself "So today I wanted something.Wanted it so bad, was yearning for it.Thought about it all day long.I couldn't wait" This is but a ripple in a pond.a still pool of reflection experiencing a movement in it's&nb...

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Grief hovers



    Grief hovers over my shoulder,

    nudges sore at the back of my eyes,

    chokes my throat, hollows my chest,

    robs me of my stomach.

    What fruit can I offer you, guru Earth?

    O you who showed me how to love,

    the fragrant flowers for your grave have died.

    Sandlewood and myrrh have turned to ashes.

    What candle will burn to light this darkness,

    this blight through all the extinctions to come?

    I think of striking a flame, then recall

    it was the smoke that started the dying.



  • ORANGE is the new BLACK?
    ORANGE is the new BLACK?
    I am rife
    With opportunity and life
    Your poem reminds me of a time 
    when I was so sad, I could not rhyme

    I want to walk into the light
    not look for reasons to cry or fight
    the good fight that is deep within
    The bad I will take on the chin

    If I can just mimic or glance 
    at someone brave who shows a chance
    to look beyond the pain and fear

    and know the SOURCE of LOVE is HERE.

    Be Well and thank you for the reminder

    June 17 - 1 likes this

  • Just Asking
    Just Asking
    This is beautiful. Heartbreaking, but beautiful. 
    June 21

  • ORANGE is the new BLACK?
    ORANGE is the new BLACK? Just Asking
    I think she took umbrage at my reply.  

    June 21