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Who runs answerMug?

In short, the community runs answerMug. The site was founded on the principles that everyone should feel safe expressing their opinions, and that by providing a welcoming environment for all, everyone would become better informed. Respect for each other and exchanging of knowledge are the most important things and anything else, aside from potential legal issues, can change depending on what the community wants.

On a more official scale, the site is privately owned by "Just Asking," the admin. Long-term members with proven track records for fairness and ethical behavior also help moderate specific areas of the site. These people are unpaid volunteers who help keep an eye on things during their normal use of the site, so we don't give them official duties or jobs. We're just glad that they're here. 

Regular members of answerMug also help out by reporting issues, providing feedback, and voting for improvements or policy changes as things come up. We make a point of including everyone and welcome feedback because we simply wouldn't be here if there weren't wonderful people like you. :)