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What's the fastest you've ever driven a car?

Posted - July 22, 2020


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    Hold On...
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    That is a good way to start a day! :) :)!!
      July 24, 2020 3:23 AM MDT

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      Wow, if that’s the way it works, write a question about making a sandwich for Randy D just as he’s winning the lott . . . hold on a second, hold on, my wife is calling me.  

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      July 24, 2020 6:44 AM MDT

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    I love the robe but be careful!!  Those are some pretty gnarly stairs and it looks like there is another flight below!!
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      July 24, 2020 10:57 AM MDT

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      Seems fair to me, my Dear . . . 



      July 24, 2020 1:06 PM MDT

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    I've nudged 80mph but realised it and eased back to the limit - 70 (on a motorway).

    I value my licence and insurance too much to be caught speeding like that. Besides, let's do some sums on a real example.....

    The longest more-or-less single stretch of road I drive in the normal times you may remember, is about 220 miles, all motorway. For UK readers, from the Bridgewater to Preston junctions, M5 and M6.

    If you could cruise non-stop at the 70mph limit assuming that is the limit all the way, it would take 3.14 hours. At 80, 2.75 hours; but I am not paying your fine.

    So saving a mere 20 minutes, against extra cost in fuel (+ fine and hiked insurance fees); but in practice even if having the stamina and an unusually capacious bladder, it is never possible to achieve those sustained speeds for that entire route.

    What if your average speed for that 220-mile run is a more realistic 60mph? 3h 40min. About half an hour longer than full distance at sustained 70 max.

    Does it matter? Rarely. Let's be honest: these are not trans-continental distances, and if the journey is classed as "social, domestic and pleasure", its duration is not really of the essence, especially if anyway you have a significant non-motorway stretch at both ends of the drive. 

    Having driven that route many times over the last few decades, I can say that you are doing well to complete it in <4hours without breaking the speed limit in normal conditions. Too much traffic, road-works, and now, "managed motorway" stretches with variable speed-limits - and speed cameras.  One 19-mile 50mph limit stretch past extensive road-works, not only had average-speed cameras, but the traffic was kept at a steady 50 by many, especially professional, drivers setting cruise-controls to that. 


    On effect we've seen with the roads so empty in the first few weeks of the lockdown, was the number of drivers thinking they could drive at stupid speeds with impunity, and the Police caught a lot travelling at well over 100mph in 70, and sometimes 60, limits.  They would pay not only a heavy fine and have their licences endorsed, if not suspended for a while; but would find it very difficult and a lot more expensive to buy insurance.  
      August 9, 2020 4:01 PM MDT