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Discussion » Statements » Rosie's Corner » Either the south will rise again and the CONFEDERACY will come back under the chokehold of pumpkina** or it will die ugly. WHICH?

Either the south will rise again and the CONFEDERACY will come back under the chokehold of pumpkina** or it will die ugly. WHICH?

Posted - August 1


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    I have heard a lot of this Confederacy yearning in recent months, but how strong and real is it? Are there really secessionists about, or is it all just a propaganda battle?

    There is a third alternative. It might die, but by fading away with little more than whimpers and silly bumper-stickers. 
      August 1, 2020 2:20 PM MDT

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    Racists are all Confederacy lovers. Blacks are slaves once again in their world. Women don't vote. White men rule all. That is what the yearning is for.WHITE MALE DOMINANCE. It will only die away if racism dies and you know that isn't going to happen. We have hundreds of anti-government groups in America. Racist Nazi you name it. Militias that go through military maneuvers hidden away in camps in the hills. Our sales of weapons keeps increasing. These anti-government folks are preparing themselves for the day they take over and it may be very soon. Pumpkina** is the FIRST of his species to be exactly what they were waiting for. A RACIST A WHITE SUPREMACIST A HATER OF people of color.  Every morbidly obese pound of him works toward that end. We find out that the reason pumpkina** and his cabal did nothing about the virus for months is because it was mostly affecting "blue" states...Democrats. When it finally started EXPLODING in red states someone noticed and said it's affecting "our people" and so they began to try to do something about it. It is crackpot wackadoodlenoodle government in America. Every day we see more and more evidence of this Durdle. SIGH. I don't know what your press has o say about it in the daily coverage but if you lived here and you were an AMERICAN I know you would be as furious and discontent as I am. You do quite well in your comments I think but it's not the same as living here 24/7. Thank you for your reply! :)
      August 2, 2020 2:18 AM MDT

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    Well, I can only honestly admit I don't know all that is happening.

    With so much happening in the world the Press tends to concentrate on large-scale events - big natural disasters, wars,  changes of government, etc. Not events more closely tied to social affairs.

    Even so, all those demonstrations and riots, and their backgrounds, have been reported thoroughly in the British media, along with many interviews with academics and politicians to try to explain to use what is behind it all. We have heard a good many of those interviewees frankly admit that American society has a deeply-ingrained racist streak thaty will be extremely hard to root out.
    I had wondered what the arguments about Red Sates and Blue States in the pandemic-control situation meant, on here and elsewhere. I knew the individual States are largely responsible for their own public-health policies and these are subject to political bias, but not in what way or to what extent.

    We have a slightly similar situation in the UK with a lot of powers devolved from England to the other three constituent countries, but though I suspect Scotland and to a lesser extent Wales of a certain amount of political games-playing, by and large they are in general agreement. Northern Ireland is a bit different as it is physically separated from the British mainland, and shares a land border with a separate nation.

    Despite those differences of approach, we do not have anything like that "Blue / Red" situation; but I understand a good deal of the Covid-control problem in the USA is not party-political but many people refusing to co-operate with any precautions.

    What you say though about the rise of heavily-armed extremists should worry everyone, abroad as well as in the USA. It would be easy for we foreigners to say it's a purely internal matter, but if these groups create so much unrest that they seriously threaten their own country they probably think they are "defending" from itself, it's not only their fellow-citizens who will suffer. It will hand a huge propaganda coup to those countries who despise the USA in particular and "The West" generally, and will put the People's Republic of China one step nearer its patient aim to be the World's most powerful imperialist nation. 
      August 2, 2020 3:14 PM MDT

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    Thank you for your very thoughtful reply Durdle. It just seems to get worse every day. To adversely affect the election pumpkina** has ordered his "postmaster"(a rich political contributor of course who knows nothing about anything) to SLOW DOWN mail service. Cutting overtime hours to save money ostensibly but they are gearing up to bollox up mail delivery if they don't successfully STOP absentee balloting. Every day pumpkina** talks about the FRAUD inherent therein though he and his clan vote by mail. Then there is the never-ending ongoing red state governors closing down polling locations, reducing hours they're open. Used to be students could vote on campus but some states require them to go back home to vote. There will be "monitors" at all polling locations OSTENSIBLY to insure voting goes smoothly but they may be those mystery meat thugs paramilitarily clothed unidentified and weaponized to intimidate. Perhaps they will "review" the votes and toss out those that are not for pumpkina**. Or votes will be taken to a "secret" location and reviewed and segregated there. I have no idea what will happen but rest assured it won't be honorable or true or democratic. Add to that the constant disinformation campaign going on in which Russia has never stopped. Conspiracies and floated "truths" they promulgate that are untrue. Also and very worrisome is the DEEPFAKE videos and audios now available wherein what you see and what you hear may have been cut and pasted in some back room to make it "seem" as if your opponent actually said things never said or was involved in things never done. All of this is going on as I post this. We KNOW that and people keep trying to combat it. How successful the truthtellers will be I cannot know until afterwards. And pumpkina** has already said this election will be the most RIGGED and fraudulent election in American history. You know how he indulges in hyperbole. He tweets all this junk and his adoring worshippers believe it and forward it on to others. That's me looking at it from within. It is most awful don't you think? We KNOW this is happening and we THINK what I wrote could happen. How to do what is needed to make it not happen? I have no idea Durdle. I hope for a DEUS EX MACHINA since I think it will take a miracle. Pumpkina** has destroyed all our alliances, tried to erase all trace of President Obama's good works, is still working on eliminating health care coverage during a pandemic among other things. A more vile venal evil cruel cold sociopathic narcissist has never lived in my opinion. Could I be wrong about pumpkina**? No. He recently whined that "nobody likes me. I guess it must be my personality, that's it".  AARRGGHH! Thank you for your reply and Happy Monday to thee and thine. STAY SAFE! :) This post was edited by RosieG at August 3, 2020 1:57 AM MDT
      August 3, 2020 1:53 AM MDT

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    How close to being illegal are those attempts to interfere with the election?

    I  can't see how State governors fro example, would have the right to close polling stations, without replacing them so the  coverage continues. I don't know how your voting works - do you have dedicated offices kept permanently for the purpose?

    Here, all local and national political elections hire places like village and church halls as polling stations for the day. We do not have specific polling-stations though it's common to use the same places each time. You give the officials your name on entry, for them to tick off on a list, they give you a paper slip with the candidates' names and parties. You mark your chosen candidate with a simple 'X' in pencil, fold the slip and put it in the ballot-box. The voting is all on the same day between the same times across the area for local elections, and the country for national ones.

    The boxes are opened and the votes counted locally, in front of the party officials and candidates, and the Press. Not sure if the public can attend, but the voting is secret, and the counting and announcement are an open process. Results of national elections are broadcast by the radio and TV services as they happen, and most are in overnight though there usually a few where the counting is a bit slower.

    (I often hear people talk of "secret ballots". They do not realise that is tautology!)

    Britain has tried postal voting in some cities but ran into the problems of fraud and manipulation, probably not by parties themselves but by groups of supporters. I don't know if postal voting has been abandoned. We can vote by proxy but that's a different matter.  I have never done that but I think it would cover people in university, military or other service far from home.


    So how does the US State and Federal Governments have the power to make free voting more difficult? I  can see from what you say that even if they don't descend to Third-World level interference in the ballots as you fear they might, they are planning to obstruct the process so make it hard for many people to vote.

    Russia is a constant problem for many countries, and by various ways, trying to influence elections and hack into major national organisations. I don't know the answer there. I wonder if it would be possible to construct tracing software that automatically examines the sources of e-mails and web-sites, and if they originate in certain countries, block them. There are two difficulties. Unless the suspect material is also examined, it would also block innocent internet traffic, and make it harder for dissidents in those countries to let us know what is happening. The other is that the determined originators could simply send the material to agents elsewhere, to copy it and re-send it separately so breaking the traceable transmission chain.

    I came up with that after discovering the "Source" tool on the e-mail service lets you see the originating address. I have found some spam message had been relayed via two or three intermediary addresses, once including a donkey-sanctuary, of all things.


    The "Deepfake" methods are among those of groups in the US like Qanon, and possibly by Russia, judging by a "news" service I saw recently that looks very sophisticated and reliable but is clearly pro-Russian Federation biased and probably is Russian.

    I remember that starting to dismantle the health-care system Obama had established, was one of Trump's first actions, and apparently only because they are on opposite political sides.  


    There are various, serious and widespread fears in Britain of the potential effects of negotiating trade deals with the USA. Given that we already trade with each other I do not understand "needing" new trade deals; but worse, they would almost certainly be very one-sided, favouring America over Britain.

    Among the fears are of risking our National Health Service being manipulated or even taken over by American politicians and businesses. To us, that would allow a very rich foreign power with a reputation for loving money and disliking anything it imagines "socialist", to milk the NHS hence the UK for profits, and destroy it as a comprehensive, egalitarian service for everyone. And we worry about Russia - a country that has hacked NHS systems for some reason, but has remarkably little money for its size?

    Although many of its working functions like cleaning and catering are run by commercial contractors, and some of those are foreign-owned, the NHS' core service, facilities and ethos of free treatment for all, are still UK State-owned. We pay for dental and opticians' services and prescriptions medicines, unless on certain benefits or over-60, but even those costs look low enough to be subsidised. We can of course also buy private treatment, if we can afford it. It's expensive and most private patients use medical-insurance services that naturally profit extra to the hospital invoice, and apply arbitrary limits to what they cover.

    Trump has hinted at wanting American control or ownership of the NHS, but there would be Hell to pay politically, in Britain, if it did happen. A Government who sold it would almost certainly lose the next election over it, but it would be too late. Once a valuable State asset is privatised it usually becomes sold abroad, so become extremely difficult and costly, or even impossible, to take back.


    DJT could be right about his personality making him unpopular!
      August 3, 2020 4:37 AM MDT