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Discussion » Questions » Emotions » Is nothing more useless to not be associated with any party, group, affiliation or construct?

Is nothing more useless to not be associated with any party, group, affiliation or construct?

Posted - September 26


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    Hard to say, I do think we are naturally as a species and also programmed to want to join things, to be part of something and to fit in..  
      September 26, 2020 2:45 PM MDT

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    For one to be free...totally free
    One cannot be bound to anything.
      September 26, 2020 2:52 PM MDT

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    A lion was taken into captivity and thrown into a concentration camp where, to his amazement, he found other lions who had been there for years, some of them all their lives, for they had been born there. He soon became acquainted with the social activities of the camp lions. They banded themselves into groups. One group consisted of the socialisers; another was into show business; yet another was cultural for its purpose was to carefully preserve the customs, the tradition and the history of times when lions were free; other groups were religious - they gathered mostly to sing moving songs about a future jungle where there would be no fences; some groups attracted those who were literary and artistic by nature; others still were revolutionary, they met to plot against their captors or against other revolutionary groups. Every now and then the revolution would break out, one particular group would be wiped out by another, or the guards would all be killed and replaced by another set of guards.  As he looked around, the newcomer observed one lion who always seemed deep in thought, a loner who belonged to no group and mostly kept away from everyone.  There was something strange about him that commanded everyone's admiration and everyone's hostility for his presence aroused fear and self-doubt. He said to the newcomer, "Join no group. These poor fools are busy with everything except what is essential."

    "And what is that?" asked the newcomer.

    "Studying the nature of the fence."  

      September 27, 2020 2:20 PM MDT

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    Yes! Having perspective and not tunnel vision as close as I intimate. Of course, there are definitely doers and thinkers and when logic and reason don't match, volatility of some sort will eventually happen and some don't want to be around when the fireworks go off. Philosophers have always been discriminated against and called depressing hermits. Every mode of being has a price it seems. If you want to make it a reason d' etre, that's up to you:)
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      September 27, 2020 3:35 PM MDT