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There are questions that are difficult or impossible to answer. Do you ask them anyway? Why?

Posted - October 17


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    I would hope I don't do that knowingly to anyone just to be awkward, but like anyone I do sometimes I ask about something and other person genuinely does not know.

    I might ask it of myself though, as a sort of thinking aid when I am trying to make sense of something - or to come to terms with not understanding it.
      October 17, 2020 4:19 PM MDT

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    As you may know m'dear I ask anything and everything that occurs to me. You never know who might quite possibly have an answer or at least an opinion because he/she has thought of it too. I don't know if I shared this with you but I've been on an internet social site since February 2005. First Answerbag and then when it shut down unceremoniously without any notice here on Answermug. I have asked a bazillion questons over all that time and there is one question and one answer that stands out in my mind. Here it is. "WHAT IF GOD WERE GAY"? All the replies to that were respectful. No one attacked me for asking it. The answer I most loved? "THAT WOULD EXPLAIN RAINBOWS".  A 5-word question with a superb 4-word answer. I think the LGBTQ community use a rainbow right as a symbol of diversity? I have received tons of spectacular replies to some of the questions that were asked in a WHAT IF manner. So I figger if it occurs to me I am not special. I am not unique except that I am very curious about everything all the time. I don't gamble that someone will like the question and reply. I can't NOT ask a question that occurs to me. Simple as that. Thank you for your reply! :) Your replies have been among the most thoughtful informative and helpful. FYI! :)
      October 18, 2020 1:55 AM MDT

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    Thank you very much for your compliments, Rosie!

    Oh yes, we know you love to find questions on all sorts of things.

    Interesting that you mention rainbows as symbols because in this Year Of The Pandemic the rainbow has acquired a new place in Britain.

    When the disease really hit home, the Government's early responses included urging us all to "Protect The NHS!" (National Health Service), over fears of hospitals being over-run and of course the dangers to their staff. 

    This spawned an outpouring of public thanks to the service, with ten weeks of a weekly few minutes' of people coming out of their homes to applaud. It also inspired many people to put home-made signs in their front-room windows, with mottoes like "Thank-you NHS" over brightly-coloured rainbows.  A lot of the signs looked as if drawn by children, and probably were.

    Why rainbows though? I have no idea. It has no obvious link to its diversity use, and I don't recall seeing or hearing any explanation.


    I was on Experience Project for a couple of years, but eventually left it because large parts of it were becoming very unpleasant in various ways. It has since closed down. I don't use sites like Facebook. 
      October 18, 2020 3:29 PM MDT

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    I need to correct you about something Durdle. I don't look at it as being complimentary at all. I just say what I think. Period. I avoid people to whom saying what I think will be antagonistic because I really don't enjoy an exchange of insults. I'm not here for that. I'm here to learn things I don't know anything about. And to share what I know or think with others just because how else can you know who I am or I you? I think disagreement is great. That's how you learn to stretch your mind and your ideas and sometimes in time you come around to thinking differently. But CIVILITY should be the way we do it. And some people are not wired for civity or pleasant disagreement. Now there are some very sturdy folks who seek that kind of communication because it tones them and sharpens them and challenges them. For me it is very boring. To keep giving the same responses to the same people who keep giving the same response. There is no point in it. I used to do it but I don't have any time to invest in that any more. I'm an old lady. I am VERY SELECTIVE about it. I'm a good student and I revere my teachers. I have not changed one bit. Since I was 3 years old I always looked up to my teachers. They have rarely disappointed me. Enough about me. Now as for rainbows what is a more beautiful sight than that? Some say rainbows are GOD'S way of promising us HE will never send floods. I just think they're awesomely beautiful. Unicorns too. Rare pure good. There is much of my inner child that is still there intact. Amazing to me she still lives on! I've always been an introvert so this social site is my way of keeping in touch with others. It is ideal. You come and go as you please. You stay until you want to leave. You don't need permission. You say what you want to say. You engage with those who want to engage with you. Where else is that possible? I think I'm so lucky. Folks like you seem to understand how much I appreciate their sharing what they know. I feel like a sponge that is always needing more water. Odd that I would go to that. I have no idea why.Where and how would we have ever met if it were not for the internet? I have pals all over the world. I am not a traveler. I'm a homebody. It's  a wonderful life for me socially. Of course politically in our country this is by far the worst of times. A nightmare from which I pray we can awaken. I've heard of Experience..Experian? It's sad that internet social sites can get infected with such folks. I'm not drawn to anything millions or billions of others are. So much evil is flowing through FB. I wonder if it didn't exist would there be less hate? I shall ask. Thank you for your very thoughtful reply. I appreciate it. Some folks with whom I've chatted for YEARS are still strangers to me. They hold back a lot of whom they are. I don't and so I really appreciate those who don't as well. :) This post was edited by RosieG at October 19, 2020 2:51 AM MDT
      October 19, 2020 2:48 AM MDT