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Were you popular in school? Have a lot of friends and a lot of enjoyable memories? Was there ever anything that really hurt you?

For me it was every year on Valentine's Day.

I don't know if it as barbaric and cruel now as it was then. The teacher would gather all the valentines at the front of the room. She would call out the name on the valentine and the recipient would walk up to claim it and go back to his/her seat. The popular kids kept going up repeatedly. I think I might have gotten one. I just remember how I wished there were another way to do it. Actually probably no one paid any attention and  didn't care. They were too busy with their own valentines.  I wonder why after all these years that is the one thing that stands out still from grammar school days?. Did you ever have something like that you had to go through?

Posted - November 21


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    Been there.  Each year my mom made me give a valentine to every student  (in my own writing).  She said it was the proper thing to do.  She'd buy a box of little cards and I'd have to sign each one.  But the only ones I ever got were sympathy ones (teacher would erase the name from an absent student's so that I'd get at least 1).  

    I was not popular.  Quite the opposite (I never "fit in" - shy, uncoordinated, and possessing an overactive imagination).  Enjoyable memories?  No, can't say that I have any.  Did anything hurt me?  Oh, there were a few things,such as ...  never (and I mean never) getting picked for sports teams.  Even the injured students got picked.  And once the teachers finally placed me on a team, they never let me participate).  Then there was the not having any friends (even had to see the school psychiatrist on that one).  I got beat up a lot (spent a lot of time in the principal's office).  Yep. I was that kid.  
      November 21, 2020 1:08 PM MST

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    I think I have a hint of why you say you tend to strive for perfection in what you do.
      November 21, 2020 1:33 PM MST

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    That's why you and I get along so well. We have almost IDENTICAL experiences and memories of school and the "other kids". I'm pretty sure the world is very different for those who are popular. I witnessed it in my younger sister. I never was upset by it. I was always very proud of her. I wished I could be as easy in a crowd of strangers as she could. Bubbly outgoing personality. Always drew everyone to her. She has friends from grammar school with whom she keeps in touch today! The only time I actively felt jealous that I can recall was one Christmas. She was an adorable toddler and I was about 9. Everyone gushed all over her and I was just ignored. If I ever felt anything else like that I cannot remember. The 7-year age difference was significant then but now at 83 and 77 (she's still 76 but her birthday is in December) we are BEST FRIENDS! So it worked out. I was always last during team pickings and the teacher would put me on a team. I've never been athletic though I do remember later on enjoying Badminton. But that didn't count. I was a grownup.  I did have one friend I met in nursery school but she dumped me in 10th grade and started haning out with the "fast" crowd. They smoked behind the boy's gym. The gals wore a lot of makeup. So that's why school years weren't something I go back to and remember fondly. But I LOVED leaning so I had that going for me! I remember being bored during the summer and after the second week I started marking the days off the calendar until school started again.  Now who does that? Who prefers school to summer vacation? SIGH. Thank you for your thoughtful reply Shuhak. :)
      November 22, 2020 3:34 AM MST