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Camila Cabillo as a judge of singers on some show? I say "No, thanks." :)

 (not that she deserved being booed at the Championship League final on May 29 during the ticket fraud strangeness --  and not that she and another singer I dislike, Ed Sheeran, have together recorded a song I like, ha)

Her "Never be the Same" song has caused me to be sick any time I hear what she does with her voice. And I became pretty much a huge non-fan.

For me, that singer whom Slartibartfast often posts (I forget her name but not her voice) deserves to be a singing judge.

Or Christina Perri.

Posted - May 30


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    All "talent quest" type shows should be judged by these guys, to be worth watching.

    As for Amira Willighagen, her glorious voice wouldn't necessarily make her a good judge. She'd most likely be a little too soft-hearted, her Stichting Gelükskinders (Lucky Children's Foundation, established initially by her Holland's Got Talent winnings and kept going with donations and a hefty percentage of her earnings - tax deductible of course, her mother who manages her career until her 18th birthday is no fool) does indicate that. She'd be far too kind to those who actually can't cut it.

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    Very interesting to me, and well-said. Thanks!  :)

    And I'd watch anything with those two guys. :)

      May 31, 2022 1:39 PM MDT

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