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Have you used to gender/pronoun stuff to your advantage?

I did accidentally.  
My husband needed to regain online access to his credit card. And the phone numbers they had were all old ones.  He hates having to talk to anyone like this. So I called and just said "we" did not have access to the old cell phones and needed to update the number.  When he ask my name I just said my husband's expecting him to ask for my husband, he did not. And he changed the number. I was shocked at how easy it was. 
After I hung up, my husband asked if I noticed how, the guy was having a hard time not saying mame/Mrs/etc.  Anyway, my husband got by without having to talk to them.   

Posted - November 18, 2023


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    Pronouns for me are; Miss, she, her. 
      November 18, 2023 8:56 AM MST

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    Likewise, as well as Madam, Your Highness and Hot Stuff.
      November 18, 2023 10:22 AM MST

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    Really do like you because you are "Spunky."  Thank you for the additional Pronouns, I will wear them proudly.  :  )
      November 18, 2023 6:59 PM MST

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    Thank you.  Please do wear them proudly.  I know I do.  :)
      November 19, 2023 8:37 AM MST
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    Are Spunky and Randy D. the same person?
      November 19, 2023 6:16 PM MST