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Are you so smart you turned anhedoniac?

What a waste of time that noise is man. That music sucks! You don't really learn from it you just become a dude with attitude. My boss was really excited though when I told him I went to The Talking Heads in 1978 to see More Songs About Buildings and Food Tour. Talking Heads! Talking Heads! Talking Heads! He also recognized David Byrne was quite a showman. I said his head went everywhere and he said I know! On the way back on a bus bench a guy call me a fag and punch me for nothing. I'm not a fag and I don't deserve a punch. I hate..Poison! Slayer! Y&T is good now..I saw Oingo Boingo. The Payolas. Iron Butterfly. The GoGo's. The Young Fresh Fellows.

Posted - March 3