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Where's The Sense In The Destruction? (iPhones &c)

A review on the radio this morning, of the day's papers, touched on the tale of a woman who smashed her children's iPhones, with the result that their family became much happier, more cohesive and communicative.

It also produced two other, conflicting third-party results; one promoting wanton waste, both sharing a theme of utter childishness and stupidity.

One of these results was a (sadly predictable?) barrage of insults and abuse on social media. The other was confessions of similar actions, with some owners admitting to throwing their instruments under vehicle wheels (did they clear up the mess?) or into canals (more litter - a few prosecutions would not come amiss).

By all means get rid of the device you felt apparently necessary to own in the first place, but wouldn't it far more constructive to sell it, or at least give it away, than wantonly destroy a costly, perfectly serviceable, instrument someone else could use, and perhaps use rather more sensibly?

For the record, I have a basic portable telephone and I do not, and do not intend to, own an iPhone. I have a so-called "smart" phone, only about 10 months old and hardly used, but I have taken it out of service and intend selling it. I'm certainly not going to scrap it.

Posted - September 15, 2018


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    there is no sense in that
      September 15, 2018 3:23 PM MDT

  • 3694
    No, there isn't, but I had the impression those people thought it somehow clever.
      September 15, 2018 3:26 PM MDT