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Discussion » Statements » Rosie's Corner » We react differently to the same thing. John McCain did not want trump at his funeral. George H.W. Bush did. Grace beyond the grave?

We react differently to the same thing. John McCain did not want trump at his funeral. George H.W. Bush did. Grace beyond the grave?

To see all the former and current prez and wives there at the funeral of George H.W. Bush is mind-blowing. Did you see any of the funeral coverage? If so did any of it move you? My thought was that "at least trump isn't tweeting". What are your thoughts?

Posted - December 5, 2018


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    I don't watch anything that Trump attends.  Maybe some day I will watch it.  Not now.  

    But I know it was probably quite interesting.  

    He did die with grace and I WISH he did not let Trump attend.  GOD, that was uncalled for.  Sorry.  But it was.

    I wouldn't invite Benedict Arnold or Adolph Hitler  to my funeral,  like a wolf among sheep.

    Did they put him in the special TRATOR/TREASON section? 

      December 5, 2018 11:14 AM MST

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    No Sharon. There was a row filled with the current and former presidents and their wives.
    On the aisle was the john of don. Next to him sat Melania. Going from left to right there was Obama, Michelle, Bill Clinton, Hillary, Carter and Roslyn.  Of course George Bush sat in the row with the family. The john appeared to be very somber and uncomfortable. He always is when he isn't the center of attention. I wonder if he took a tranquilizer to keep him calmed down and quiet? George H.W. Bush referred to the john of don as an A**! He despised what the john stands for and promulgates which is mostly HATE. George H.W. was furious at the below-the-belt attacks on his son Jeb when they were both candidates for the Republican prez nomination. The john later on made fun of the "1000 points of light" as he makes fun of all those who outclass him outshine him outthink him outdo him. And yet at the end George H.W. Bush tried to bring people together I guess. I believe there is genuine respect and affection among the former presidents and their wives with one obvious exception. The john does not belong there. He is way too low-class to be in the same room with them let alone sit on a church bench with them and pay tribute to a man he insulted derided attacked. I would not have invited him. But it may be that was the final insult George H.W. Bush could "gift" the john with. After all the john showed up on command and sat silent and still with people he despised whom he knew despised him. He caved. He obeyed. On the world stage where everyone could see how much contempt others felt for him. In fact many of the speakers attacked the john indirectly. Wonder if he even comprehended what was going on around him? What could be a better final dig at him? Thank you for your reply and Happy Thursday!  :)
      December 6, 2018 4:25 AM MST

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    McCain had every right to not want Trump at his funeral and there was no etiquette breach with that.

    I suspect Bush would have considered it appropriate for Trump to be there---current and former living presidents, you know.

    But personally, I found it sickening to see Trump salute Bush's flag-draped casket the other day---given Trumps lack of service and contempt for prisoners of war.

    Plus, Trump uses his presidency to foster and preserve his personal business opportunities---at the expense of the USA. That's quite unlike other presidents, and he doesn't deserve to stand on the same level as they do.
      December 5, 2018 12:00 PM MST

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    Here's what I think tom and perhaps you may see some value in it. I think it was the final "gift" George H.W. Bush could inflict on a man he despised. The john sat silent and somber. He was not the center of attention. It was obvious that the other formers and wives respected and had affection for one another. Except for him. He knew they despise him and he despises them. George H.W. was enraged at how the john attacked Jeb during the debates. Probably not so much that the john made fun of H.W. 's "1000 points of light". Insult us but you better not insult out kids or you will regret it. So there sits a quiet very uncomfortable john of don whom H.W. referred to as an A**. On the command of H.W. All eyes on him. The world could see how outclassed he is and how those around him reacted with well shall we distaste? Only of course they were very polite about it. If you listened to the eulogies you couldn't help but notice how much of what they said compared and contrasted what the john of don is and the person H.W. was. I betcha wherever H.W. was watching everything unfold he was chuckling mightily. His final thrust at a man who did not deserve to be included for the best reasons but had to be included to give him back what he gave out. Ya think? Thank you for your reply and Happy Thursday! :)
      December 6, 2018 4:33 AM MST