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Discussion » Questions » Legal » Are sovereign citizens really just a bunch of baloney?

Are sovereign citizens really just a bunch of baloney?

Posted - January 9


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    "Sovereign" in practical terms means you won a war and are quite ready to win another one. The USA is set up for sovereign citizens, except the founders weren't really thinking clearly. In any case, schools stopped teaching civics a very long time ago, so nobody now alive has any clear idea how to act sovereign. If we did, we would flatly refuse to sit in terror while an armed soldier sneaks up from behind, said soldier having a lousy reputation for murdering citizens in the line of duty. (It is estimated that 10% of homicides in USA are commited by cops. Statistics are not accurate, for obvious reasons.)
      January 9, 2019 5:48 PM MST

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    I suppose they could be if you process them with a lot of salt and nitrates.... :( 
      January 9, 2019 6:17 PM MST

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    The person asking this question is.

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      January 9, 2019 7:00 PM MST