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Discussion » Statements » Rosie's Corner » Imagine yourself being one of the 17 new lawyers hired to keep ultimatum boy from being impeached or out of prison? Can you? Wouldja?

Imagine yourself being one of the 17 new lawyers hired to keep ultimatum boy from being impeached or out of prison? Can you? Wouldja?

Wouldn't you be violating any oaths lawyers are supposed to take? Could YOU eagerly show up for work and work your tail off to keep him in office any old which way you could? If that included lying or hiding truth how would you rationalize it?

Posted - January 11


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    There is no way in hell I'd help anyone in power /with power break any laws.......none should be above the law and none should be allowed to get away with the horrendous things they do.....
    Police ,any government officials that commit such crimes big or small should suffer far more than any normal criminal .....

    Get a parking ticket in England anywhere and you will be hounded to the day you die until they get their money...a thirty pounds ticket can often mount up into thousands of pounds if left unpaid even if it's unlawfully issued....
    Our court judges are also extreamly corrupt and never ever find against their own....
    Our police drive drunk and no officer  arrests a brother.... 
    If your a chief constable ,you can change police statements and lie about what ever you want....they are in fact untouchable ...
    if you are a really high court judge can get away even with being peadophile    ...There is one in England that has just done so....
      January 11, 2019 4:04 AM MST

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     OMG D! Is nothing sacred then anywhere in the world? Does corruption go hand-in-hand with power? Sheesh. I'm gonna ask. I know that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely but I always thought there were a few exceptions. Apparently not. Which is a very sad thing to realize. Thank you for your thoughtful and scary-as-he** reply. I know you tell it like it is. It's not YOUR fault that I'm an anglophile and have always believed your country was civilized and honorable and fair. The joke's on me. :( ((hugs))
      January 11, 2019 4:28 AM MST

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    Not all people are bad here Rosie....maybe there are politicians that are not crooked...but I think it's unlikely that your President  or our Prime Minister calls all the shots...they are all just a face and have to do as they are told by the banks ,oil companies and media companies ...
    I use to think that Harold Wilson an old labour Prime Minester of the fifties or sixties was pretty normal ,righteous  and for the working class citizen ...then two weeks ago i watched a documentary on sky tv saying he had sex when he could with Mary Middleton ,she was a quite good looking porn star of the seventies he was besotted with....
    Nothing wrong with that if it's what they both want...but rather two faced when the rest of the county is banned for doing such things....
    Ted Heath an old conservertive Prime Minester was a closet homosexual... He had young boys and god knows who else really...
    Sir Cyril Smith. MBE  was a  Liberal MP from a place in England called Rochdale....he was a serial child rapist for many many years and died before prosecution ...
    Jeremy Thorpe was a Liberal MP and a very deviant homosexual....he had people killed and was a rapist if young boys..He was also linked to the Kray gangs and the gay clubs they visited..I belive Prince Philip was to...
    Prince Philip ,Lord Astor and another well known dignitary was photoed sitting nude in the gardens of their Gentlemen's club in London....
    You can't tell me that they all didn't bat for the other team or more the same team if you know what I'm referring to..
      January 11, 2019 6:24 AM MST