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Did you ever got scammed while buying something ?

Me yes.... Many years ago ( when weed was illegal ) , I wanted to buy weed and i found an online seller.... I phoned the guy and he went to meet me near my home. But i gave the guy the money without looking first what was it. I gave him the money, and he gave me the bag at the same time. but i realised that it was some old spices in the bag, and he already got the 80 $ in his pocket. I just didnt knew what to do. I didnt want to fight the guy , he was a bit taller than me . That day was a total failure. Those guys made 80 bucks out of selling some old spices.

Posted - May 14, 2019


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    I got nailed on concert tickets once. There's a musician who's been very influential to me throughout my life and has carried me through some hard times. He was coming to town and I couldn't afford the tickets right away, so I had to hold off. By the time I had the cash to purchase them, they were sold out. I went through Craig's List and bought some off a guy. He sent me his license, his information checked out, we used private email and the email address matched his name. So, I sent him the cash and then he stopped responding. 

    I ended up tracking down the guy on LinkedIn and he swore up and down it was not him I had been talking to; that he had just sold something via CL and the buyer asked for ID. So, we both ended up filing charges. No idea what ever happened to the thief. 

    I ended up sending the musician's manager an email outlining the issue and explaining some of what led up to it and why it was so important for me to attend. Then, I asked if there was a way for me to still purchase tickets securely. The woman not only messaged me back, but put me and a "plus one" on the guest list for that night. No charge to get in at all. But, the guy I had been seeing broke up with me the same day. And, so I was sitting there with free admission to one of my all-time favorite artists, reeling from a breakup, and had nobody to go with. Ugh. 

    So, a matter of hours before the concert, I put my own ad up on Craig's List offering up my "plus one" to the first person to respond to me. Some random person did and we agreed to meet up at the doors. The only thing I told them was that they had to enter with me to get in, but after that, they were free to do whatever. In any case, the person who became my plus one was some kind of beef jerky mogul. No joke. He got there before me and was hanging out with some chick at the bar, so the three of us went in and a couple other singletons joined us. 

    I ended up standing with the group and was right up against the stage. Oh my word. So awesome. I had told the guy why I had the plus one ticket and why there was a spare and he wound up telling the group. They bought me drinks all night long. At the end of it, I also got to meet the singer and we chatted for a bit. The group of people I was with exchanged numbers. I never contacted any of them and I never heard from any of them again. But, yeah, that night could have arguably been one of the worst nights I've had, between the thief scamming me, missing out on the band, and the breakup. Instead, it was one of the most magical nights I've ever had, all because of a bunch of total strangers. 
      May 14, 2019 1:42 PM MDT

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    That such a nice story, JA. But you didnt missed on the band, you said you were there against the scene. im happy you had a great night that day :-)
      May 15, 2019 11:36 AM MDT

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    oh yeah
    When I was in Bombay
    some guy said it was hash,
    turned out it was incense...hahaha
      May 14, 2019 5:25 PM MDT

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    I hope you didnt smoked it then :P
      May 15, 2019 11:36 AM MDT

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      May 19, 2019 4:32 PM MDT

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    Bought a used Xbox hard drive off Craigslist. $50. It would not connect to the Xbox. 
    I have never had any other problems with CL or eBay etc.
      May 21, 2019 12:47 PM MDT