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Discussion » Statements » Rosie's Corner » Are your mind and mouth friendly? Do they generally coordinate so that what you are thinking about is what you are talking about?

Are your mind and mouth friendly? Do they generally coordinate so that what you are thinking about is what you are talking about?

Or do you just put your mouth on automatic because it is programmed to only say what is allowed by those whose approbation you live for and let your mind wander hither and yon unfettered?

Posted - June 12


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    One of the faults I do NOT have.  NOT GUILTY.  

    I am great at letting someone else hang themselves and then I go in for the dinner.
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      June 12, 2019 11:51 AM MDT

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    CAUTION - Make sure brain is in gear before engaging mouth.

    Everyone is guilty of opening their mouth before they have thought through what they're going to say at one time or another.  In fact, we do it more often than not (despite what we may think).  We fail to realize that our words can be more deadly than every weapon in every arsenal in the entire world - combined.  With our words we can either heal or maim; comfort or irritate; build or destroy.  One word can destroy what it took a lifetime to build.  Unfortunately, very few realize this.  We tend to operate our mouths while our brain is still in neutral (we say whatever pops into our heads without giving it a thought).  

    For example, when one is angry, rarely do they consider the words they say or their effects before they utter them.  Instead, they unleash a barrage of hurtful words that, sometimes, they end up regretting having ever said.  Had they taken the time to think before they spoke, they might not have said those words at all.

    If one were to look back at all the words they spoke in their life, would the number of kind words surpass the number of hateful words?
    If one were to look back and see what the effect their words had, would they be pleasantly surprised or utterly ashamed?

    We have control of our words before we speak them,  Yet, once they leave our lips they can never be retrieved.
      June 12, 2019 2:22 PM MDT

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    I'm thinking specifically of LIARS Shuhak. Their minds and mouths are always at war. Of course they lie to harm others or cover their a**es for doing things they know are wrong or to foment chaos. The best-case example of that is the extremely stable genius sb prez  big cheese sleazebag/ball. He is the very very very very best of all at that! Then ya gotchure homo sap(emphasis on SAP) underlings who dare not be unlike him so they lie and deny just so he won't attack THEM. Quite an amusing spectacle on one level since we always see the duplicity while they earnestly continue thinking (I use that term very loosely) they are pulling one over on us. They are not. As for me? I don't regret things I've done or said Shuhak because AT THOSE TIMES that was the me who showed up. I didn't lie. I told my truth. Now retrospectively might I have wished I had been a little softer or more diplomatic in the delivery? Sure. But I can't regret the person I was at that time because it was the best of me and we keep growing and refining and considering as we age. Does that shock you? Thank you for your reply. I always carefully choose the words I use. I premeditate. :)
      June 13, 2019 2:25 AM MDT