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Discussion » Statements » Rosie's Corner » Can we really "change" one another or is it rather that we cause people to reveal whom they always were and really are?

Can we really "change" one another or is it rather that we cause people to reveal whom they always were and really are?

Take a dumb don. Is it his fault for what has happened to all the toady sycophant lemming whinya** butt kissers or were they always that shoddy and just needed a "push" or "shove" in the right direction?

Isn't what we do and say ALWAYS our fault/responsibility? Can't blame dumb don for his terrible failure as a prez. That is whom he is, always was, always will be to eternity. The job did not change him. Nothing changed him. He was always that piece of babbling gibberish crackpot wackadoodle idiocy. So too are all his obedient liddlepeople who serve and service him and do his bidding in dumb city D.C..

Good to know right?


Posted - January 14


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    No one can change another person.  We can only change ourselves.  And unless a person changes them selves, they are doomed to repeat their dame behavior - good or bad.
    Everything a person does they choose to do.  No one forces them to do it.  One can coerce another to do something, but they cannot make them do it.

    As we can see from his life, mr trump hasn't changed in many years.  He's always been a pompous, racist, 'focis' (fake orange immature attention seeker).
      January 14, 2020 5:17 PM MST

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    FOCIS? So much better than MAGA don'tcha think? I totally agree with thee. Adults are responsible accountable for their words and deeds. Infants/toddlers aren't. They have tantrums and hissy fits if they don't get what they want NOW! The dumb don never outgrew that stage of development. Why anyone would want THAT in control I do not know. Thank you for your reply Shuhak! :)
      January 15, 2020 2:36 AM MST

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      January 14, 2020 5:30 PM MST

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    The question is can we change one another or are we only ever responsible for ourselves?
      January 15, 2020 2:37 AM MST

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    Of course we can change one another.

    The language we speak to infants rewires their brains to only be able to distinguish phonemes from that language. This happens when they are months old.

    A steakhouse can "change" men and induce them to order more of the smaller steak entree by changing its name from the "Ladies' Cut" to the "Chef's Cut."

    The examples are legion.

    What IS difficult and leads to the impression of intractability in human behavior is that many of these externally-induced changes become ingrained habits or even (as in the case of infants and phoneme recognition) physical alteration of brain function.

    If it has been reinforced in your environment for decades that ordering something called the "Ladies' Cut" is unmanly, or that Lower Elbonians are lying thieving untrustworthy scoundrels, someone pointing out the silliness of the first notion or the lack of evidence for the second has trouble influencing those deeply-entrenched mental constructs.

    People are surprisingly adaptable. But they also possess a certain amount of "mental inertia" that is often difficult to overcome.
      January 15, 2020 7:38 AM MST

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    How odd. We are coming at this from totally different directions. I am talking about whom we are per our DNA our genes. I am not talking about educating people or instructing them. The change there obviously goes from ignorant to educated. But you do not change the basic nature of that person. A pessimist an optimist. A person who relies on lies or one that strives very hard to be honest honorable. I think at birth you are whom you will be. I had read that at age 3 you are pretty much whom you are going to be character wise and by age 6 you are that person. Your character your approach to life. Wheter you are a whiner and complainer and blamer or whether you take responsibility for your actions. People can "pretend" to change to please others of course. They can fake it. They can learn more about more and change their opinions based on more information. But change whom they are? I always ordered the HE MAN cut. I did. Ladies Cut be dam*ed. I didn't pretend to be anything and I doubt very much that I am unique. I was told to pretend to be less knowledgeable so a man wouldn't be driven away. I never did. I thought it odd that we are instructed to be deceptive just to be "feminine". I never bought that crap. I did quite well dating wise. Anyway thank you for your thoughtful answer SP..
      January 15, 2020 7:50 AM MST