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Weird Things Couples Do With Their Dogs

Posted by WingedWonder
Buzzfeed video starring real life couple Ryan Wagner and Gregory Nabours along with the loveable dog, "Banjo Waddlebutt." While providing lighthearted and cute insight to a modern gay couple's relationship, this short feature depicts how they navigate everyday activities together with humor and love. It is unabashedly stereotypical but with the emphasis being on "typical." One can't help but notice that even during those specifically gay moments, just how much is shared with straight counterparts. Seems that at the foundations of human behavior there exists no clear line of demarcation between homosexuals and heterosexuals. And as for those few one-of-a-kind moments which are specific to same sex couples, they are handled in a charming way that draws the outsider in as opposed to further alienating. So go ahead, this is one of those times when it's not only OK to laugh at the gays but it is overwhelmingly encouraged.
Posted January 6 - ##Gay  ##Relationships 
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