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#4 -- With just this picture, do you recognize the movie?

Posted - February 20, 2022


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    I like Gena Rowlands! I'm not sure of the film, but I'll bet I'd like it. 
      February 20, 2022 8:56 PM MST

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    Yes!! Gena Rowlands! I'm a huge fan!

    I'll go ahead and name the movie  - the original "Gloria"  (1980) - - directed by her husband John Cassavetes.

    Great movie to me! And Rowlands is phenomenal.

    ("The Notebook" -- a movie in which Rowlands and James Marsden were the best parts for me.  :)   And I just found out that "The Notebook" was directed by her son Nick Cassavetes.)

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      February 20, 2022 9:17 PM MST

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    I was looking up her films earlier this afternoon. I thought I might enjoy a movie on this President's Day 'holiday'. Maybe tonight I'll give it a go. I got distracted by a phone call and laundry. 
      February 21, 2022 1:40 PM MST

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    I haven' t watched "Gloria" in a long time but I like it.

    And with her and Marsden, they made "The Notebook" really great - - and 


    They're not in the movie so much. 

    If you watch either one, or some other, hope you enjoy! Anything with Rowlands or with Marsden is great to me.

    Here's one with Marsden that's really good to me -- "Heights" (2005)

      February 21, 2022 7:10 PM MST

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      February 21, 2022 8:26 AM MST

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    Yes!  :)

    Wondered if you have seen it or knew it from my above-reply. :)  If you saw it, wondered if you liked it. I really do.

    And I did identify the other ones, too, as you requested, in the other related questions I posted.  :)
      February 21, 2022 7:01 PM MST

  • 43650 already gave the answer. That's how I knew. Silly answer.
      February 21, 2022 7:59 PM MST

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    That's what I figured, ha! That's what makes it so funny to me - - silly is good for me.  (And "silly" is possibly the most-used adjective I've heard in my life that others use to describe me.)
      February 22, 2022 7:26 PM MST

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    That's a positive thing. My grand kids think I am.
      February 23, 2022 8:08 AM MST

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    Cool.  :)

    It is a positive thing, I agree.
      February 23, 2022 8:18 PM MST