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  • AnswerBag, SodaHead, Experience Project, probably others too…that people have mentioned…
    The one I was on for six years, Ask.com, they SAID they closed down because o...  more
    Last post by WingedWonder - Fri at 1:36 PM
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  • A 15-year-old girl in Chicago was sexually assaulted by 5-6 men/boys as people watched on FB. No one reported it. They just viewed it. At least 40 were alleged to have watched. I a...  more
    Last post by RosieG - Thu at 6:08 AM
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  • Me: Amazon, sporcle (knowledge quizzes), youtube, iPlayer, braintraining, Facebook (esp fro groups).
    Last post by Bozette - Tue at 11:54 AM
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  • * + *
    Last post by Baba - March 17
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  • in the sense that if you buy a used laptop, you aren't the first one to use it, break it in, not experience the cleanliness of a freshly opened laptop from its box etc..
    Last post by DWF - March 16
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  • What tasks do you use them for? Do you find them very useful? Which one do you think is the best?
    Last post by Didge - March 15
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  • Back in the days when the air was still clean and sex was still dirty, and when people robbed banks instead of banks being the bandits, how did you pass your leisure time? Hav...  more
    Last post by Didge - March 15
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  • Back in the days of DOS when we practically needed a degree in computer science to operate a PC, Apple computers were far and away the best on the market. They were FUN to use but ...  more
    Last post by Didge - March 16
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  • Yeah, yeah, I know. You spend all your free time on aM answering interesting questions. But when you're not HERE what do you do with your computer? 
    Last post by Durdle - March 16
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  • Some keyboards are far easier to use than others. Do YOU have a technique for adjusting your touch?
    Last post by Durdle - March 16
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  • I bought my new Lenovo yesterday (thank you to those people who gave advice) and found that a "free" version of McAfee AV was installed on it. Since I had already activated Windows...  more
    Last post by Skunky Stinkerson - March 15
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