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  • Randy D

    Here? Right here in front of everybody?

    Posted by Randy D 7 hours ago - 1 vote - 17 views
  • Lickitysplit


    Posted by Lickitysplit Fri at 3:30 PM - 1 vote - 28 views
    1. Are you Straight, Gay, Bi, Asexual, or Other? A. Straight, B. Gay, C. Bi, D. Asexual, or E. Other
    2. Have you ever been part of a Threesome? A. Yes, B. No
    3. What kind of Threesome was it? A. MFM, B. FMF, C. FFM, D. MMF E. MMM, F. FFF
  • Randy D

    For many people, the US presidential inauguration is

    Posted by Randy D Fri at 5:59 AM - 3 votes - 29 views
    the number one most important event that takes place today. 

    Are you one of those people?

  • Randy D

    Projector, Bagger, Mugger?

    Posted by Randy D Fri at 5:45 AM - 4 votes - 33 views
  • Glis

    So whose side are you on anyways?

    Posted by Glis Tue at 9:23 AM - 18 votes - 483 views

    What's the best board game to play with friends and family on a rainy day?

    • Glis: Sorry!
      "Cause every man better get used to saying it"


    • Randy DRandyD: Scrabble
               "Who needs auto-correct when you're playing with a big randy D?"

    • SapphicHeartSapphicHeart:  Monopoly
                   "Hours spent where everyone can take part. Bad  winners and bad losers will be exposed.  Guaranteed!

    • JeephikeloveJeephikelove: Risk!
                         " I will conquer you all.  Muahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (nod out to Astro(PHAET) and the astro's originals  from SH. Idea taken from him.)
  • SavvyAnsley

    PET Names

    Posted by SavvyAnsley January 15 - 7 votes - 54 views
    What's your favorite pet name for President Elect Trump?
  • Glis

    Female Battle of the Bands {Round 7(British Invasion)]

    Posted by Glis January 14 - 6 votes - 67 views
    PJ Harvey


    Daisy Chainsaw

  • Randy D

    WITHOUT naming names, do you have an arch enemy on AnswerMug? ~

    Posted by Randy D January 14 - 7 votes - 37 views
    (Other than me, of course.)
  • Randy D

    There aren't an entirely large number of polls on AM, . . .

    Posted by Randy D January 14 - 3 votes - 18 views
    . . . so why not go through them and answer all of them?  It might be fun!
  • Randy D

    How often do you visit your AnswerMug profile page? ~

    Posted by Randy D January 14 - 5 votes - 9 views