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Where did all my groups go?

If you are part of the original group of Muggers and used the original site, it may look like a lot of the groups you joined have vanished. They didn't! They're all still here.

Our groups system works slightly different now, in order to provide ease of use for members and to keep adult content away from minors and those who don't wish to see it. Instead of making people browse through all the groups to find one they want, and then signing up and waiting for approval, we created a way to give you instant access to all of them and to search a list of just the adult groups.

If you're missing groups right now, it's probably because you are not yet signed up on our adult network. You can click the "Join Adult Network" button in the main menu. After you have done this, all the adult groups will become visible to you and you'll see them in your group lists again. 

You'll also get a tab added to your main menu that lets you browse all the adult groups at once. If you click it now, before you've opted into the adult network, you'll see a blank page. After you've opted-in, it will populate with all the different adult groups we have to offer.

You may also note that we're reenabled group creation, so if you think of a group we don't have, but should, you can add it in.