Are you trying to find your friends from Experience Project?

Unlike some websites, EP was kind enough to send out a notice to its members explaining the logic for the site closure and to give everyone the opportunity to grab their data and make connections before the official “freeze” on April 21, 2016.

Many of your friends from Experience Project are on answerMug

After the release was rolled out, members from Experience Project began searching for alternate venues in an effort to preserve their connections, sense of community, and to keep contributing. Muggy got the letter, too, because he kind of liked the EP vibe and slipped over every now and again to say hello. He was very glad to see EP members heading over to answerMug! Check out this graph. The orange lines represent existing Muggers, while the blue lines are newcomers. The green lines are answerMug page loads. You can tell that when the announcement of EP closing came, the traffic on answerMug doubled and even tripled! Welcome EPers!

Why did Experience Project shut down?

The official letter from EP can be found here. Here are a few snippets from the letter, explaining in their own words why they chose to freeze the site.

  • “…the way people expect to use social media today is markedly different than it once was, and as the primary use has moved from web to mobile, our hallmark attributes like long-form stories are not aligned.”
  • “Governments and their agencies are aggressively attacking the foundations of internet privacy…”
  • “…scores of new laws require compliance with intricate, sometimes contradictory, data privacy regulations for each country, territory, and even state.”
  • “The sophistication of "bad apples," as few as they thankfully are, has increased dramatically.”

Where else can I find my EP friends?

We’re not going to fib, there are a lot of other sites out there for EPers to choose from, and some of your friends may have settled on one of them. However, we are doing our best to accommodate the influx of new Muggers, and we’re glad to help you settle in here as best as we can.

Your friends are looking for you!

Quite a few EPers took right to AM’s Q&A section to start looking for their friends right away. 


We also created a group for EP members, to help you get settled and find your friends. Recognize any of these avatars?

EPers (past and present) are welcomed to join answerMug. It is different than EP, but there are a lot of similarities between the sites and you’re sure to see people you know. If you’re not already a Mugger, you’ll need to sign up for an account before you can post. We usually lock the doors and manually approve each member to help keep spammers at bay, but we’ll try to leave them open as much as possible while you’re all becoming acquainted with the site. If the doors happen to be “locked” when you sign up, we’ll approve your account as quickly as we can. Sometimes it happens within minutes and sometimes it takes a couple of hours.

Once you're active, you'll find your friends in the Experience Project Group, the Q&A, the Blogs, and on our live chat.