Want to Know Where the People from Answerbag Went?

Unexpectedly, Answerbag shut down on December 15, 2015. Members had no warning, and instantly lost all their data and personal messages that were hosted on the website. Without the opportunity to touch base with friends before AB closed, members were essentially cast to the wind. 

Many ABers are on answerMug

It's true. It says so on the Answerbag Wikipedia page. (Since it says so online, it must be true.) No, really, you can see it in a graph of answerMug's traffic.

Can you tell which day Answerbag shut down? 

AnswerMug also has a "Baggers Group," which, although created before Answerbag shut down, is now serving as a hub for AB refugees who want to reconnect.

Why Did Answerbag Shut Down?

The truth is, nobody with an actual answer is talking. Members on answerMug have talked a lot about it, but all we can do is speculate. For more information on this, you can read some of the following questions asked by Muggers:

  • What actually happened with Answerbag?
  • So, why DID Answerbag shut down?
  • So, what the hell happened to Answerbag?

Where Else Can I Find My Answerbag Friends?

Muggy would be fibbing if he said people only came to answerMug after Answerbag closed. Yes, there are other sites out there, and some of the flock strayed into darker territory.  We hope they'll find their way here, too. With that said, there is also an ABers Group on Facebook, which is run by a former ABer and, we have to say, we really approve of her style. :)

How Do I Find ABers on answerMug?

Former members of Answerbag are welcomed to join answerMug. It's different than AB for sure, but there are a lot of great people here, as well as Q&A and other things to do. If you're not already a Mugger, sign up for an account. From time to time, Muggy locks the doors and approves all accounts by hand, to keep spammers at bay, so if you're account isn't approved right away, don't dismay. Turn-around time for account activation can take anywhere from minutes to a few hours.

Once you're active, you'll find your old friends in the Baggers Group, the Q&A, and on our live chat.