Looking for Adult Discussions? Join answerMug Adult

After Answerbag, Answerbag4Adults, and Experience Project closed, a lot of people started looking for safe settings to have adult conversations in. answerMug picked up quite a few members this way. 


We have more than 1,000 people chatting in our hidden adult groups.


We like to keep the main areas of the site clean and we allow minors on it, but our adult members can unlock the hidden groups here and post to their heart’s content, while talking to other adults- real people who have the same interests as you.


We’ve put this page up to help you find your way here, even though you can’t see the adult content until you’ve signed up. There are a lot of different groups in our adult network, but here’s a list of the names of some of what’s available:


adultMug- for Q&A enthusiasts

A Love for Free Sexuality- Gays, straights, bisexuals, and any other sexual out there, welcome!

Adult Playpen- A place to talk about your sexuality and share your experiences, including stories, with like-minded adults.

After Dark- Poems, Short Stories, and Fantasies with Adult themes.  Tasteful explicit content where there is artistry in the words, graphics…

All Things Crossdressing- A safe place for crossdresser so to chat with each other and other open minded people

Big Breast Admirers- For those Obsessed with big cans. No. Huge cans. No. Giant cans. No. Enormous cans!

Bosom Buddies- A group for the breast obsessed.

Co-mingling Religion & Sex- The mingling of Religion & Intimacy seems SO Natural.

Crossdressers- Having just moved over from ExPr I (the group creator) thought some people may fancy a Group dedicated to all things Crossdressing.

EROS CLUB- A club for people who enjoy  reading and / or writing erotic stories, and poems.

Guys in panties- For guys who like to put panties on.

I like crossdressers- Crossdressing discussions.

I Love Lingerie- For those with a fondness for lovely lingerie of all sorts.

I love wearing women's panties

I Wear French Knickers- For people that like wearing exquisite lingerie.

ILIASM- “I Live in a Sexless Marriage” A support group for people in sexless marriages.

Online Slaves

Over the Knee Club- For people who were spanked over the knee by their parents growing up.


People who love Threesomes, Polyamory, Cuckholding, Group Sex, and Hot Wife- This group is for everyone who is into threesomes, polyamory, cuckolding, Hot Wife, Swapping, Group Sex and all other sexual activities that involve three or more consenting adult humans. Gender and Sexual identity is not an issue. We welcome LGBT members.

Ridiculously Massive Breast Worshipers

Sensual Quotes & Poems- A place to share your favorite tasteful, yet sensual quotes and poems. The type that stirs the imagination and seduces the senses a little.

Silk Petticoats and Slips- A forum to discuss petticoats and slips.

Spanked at School- General discussion about being spanked at school.

Subbie Corral- A holding pen for subs, littles, slaves, babies, and other chew toys and those who love to chew on 'em.

The HAIRBRUSH CLUB- A group for those who grew up in a house where the hairbrush was used for spanking naughty boys and girls.

The LGBT Hub- A safe and welcoming place for all within the LGBT community to meet up and exchange views and experiences.


As a reminder, these groups are only accessible to our adult members. To access them, you’ll need to:

1)Sign up for an answerMug account.
(It may take a couple hours for your account to be approved.)

2)Click “Adult” on the main menu under “Questions” to join the answerMug adult network.


We also allow our members to create new groups, as long as they involve legal and consensual sex practices, so more groups are added all the time. Once you’re a member, you can create your own groups, too, and let other Muggers with similar interests join you.