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How do I access adult content, including adultMug, on answerMug?

We try to keep the main areas of the site friendly for everyone, so we hide all of our adult content in an area that's restricted to adults who opt-in. We refer to this as our "adult network," but it's really just a hidden part of answerMug. You don't need to sign up for a special account or pay to access it, but you do need to tell the system that you're an adult who wants to see it.

To join the adult network, adults may go to the "Muggers" section of the main menu and select "Join Adult Network." Follow the instructions there- it's a quick process that will have you up and running in 20 seconds or less... unless you read all the legal notices, in which case, get yourself a pot of coffee first. 

Once you opt-in, a new button will appear in your menu that says "Adult." This will take you to a directory of all our adult groups, which you will have instant access to. You'll also notice that your activity feeds and notifications also contain content from the adult groups. 

Please keep in mind that, although answerMug may look pretty raunchy to you after this, only you and the other Adult Network members see it this way- the rest of the folks will still see a clean Mug. So, please be sure to monitor yourself, and know when you're posting in an adult section, versus the main areas of the site, which still need to be kept clean. If at any point, you change your mind and don't want to see the adult content, you can leave the Adult Network by going back to the page you joined it on. *poof* answerMug will appear to be wholesome and clean again.