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Discussion » Statements » Rosie's Corner » Are loaded guns allowed at duckhead rallies? Whaddabout knives and shivs and bows & arrows and rocks and baseball bats?

Are loaded guns allowed at duckhead rallies? Whaddabout knives and shivs and bows & arrows and rocks and baseball bats?

Hockey sticks
Hockey pucks
Bowling balls

Posted - January 6


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    I think it depends where the rally is held.
    A lot of stadiums and convention centers now have metal detectors at the entrance - or at least signs saying weapons aren't allowed.

    Of course, in Oregon state law forbids public buildings - other than the capitol building, jails, and courthouses - from prohibiting weapons.
    So you can legally walk in to a school with a weapon, unless you are a student or teacher.
      January 6, 2021 3:12 PM MST

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    In Oregon? Geez that surprises me Walt. So there are laws forbidding public buildings from prohibiting weapons? Wow. Whoa. Good grief! Thank you for your reply and Happy Thursday to thee and thine! :)
      January 7, 2021 2:46 AM MST

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    I believe it only applies to those with a legal concealed carry license.
      January 7, 2021 10:33 AM MST

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    What is the purpose of the "concealed carry" license? I guess I don't understand it Walt. Thank you for your reply. Seems to me those who carry guns would WANT folks to know they are armed. I shall ask! :)
      January 9, 2021 4:34 AM MST

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    In theory, concealed carry would cause criminals to think twice before committing a public crime - as they don't know if there are any armed citizens to resist them.

    Another, more realistic, reason - is there are a large number of people who have been taught that "guns are evil" (by media and politicians) and get nervous if they see someone else with a firearm.  They see the very act of carrying a firearm as a threat to themselves.
      January 13, 2021 8:17 AM MST

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    One correction m'dear. I see guns as evil and it wasn't a politician or the media what done it. It was OBSERVATION of assassinations et al what done done it. Abraham Lincoln. JFK. MLK Jr. Bobby Kennedy. John Lennon. Rebecca Schaefer ( a young actress who co-starred in a TV show years ago with Pam Dawber) And a bazillion others who were alive and are now dead due to gun person targeting and  murdering or killing them. The distinction between the two is irrelevant to me. DEAD IS DEAD. Sure the media reported it but why is reporting evil? I am an anti-gun. Guns are used to kill living things. Who is a fan of that prithee? But I see your point about never knowing WHO is carrying so ya gots ta be real careful like and not look crosseyed at any one. Never know if that could be your last day lookin' at anything/anyone. . Folks who carry guns are scairdy cats to me Folks who don't aren't. Now if I'm ever confronted with a loaded wild jacka** insurrectionist I might die of fright. Until then a pox on all of them. SIGH. A lot of good that will do. They gun folks just go out and buy more guns. So what's the point of protesting? They thnk "I'll show you you SOB" and they go out and stock up. Why not? What could it hurt? Everyone says so. That I can tell you. Thank you for your reply Walt and Happy Wednesday to thee and thine! :).
      January 13, 2021 8:59 AM MST

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    I come at it from the opposite side ... where guns have also saved lives and defended democracy.
    Warsaw Ghetto.  Athens, Tennessee.  Storekeepers who guarded their shops against rioters.  Rebels overthrowing tyrannies.
    Armed citizens confronting "mass shooters".

    Guns are just another tool.  And like any tool, they are neither good nor evil.  It's the person who uses them.
      January 13, 2021 11:07 AM MST

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    Of course your point is well taken. I expect you may own a gun and certainly know how to handle one. I don't so I don't. Had I grown up in gun home I'd be somewhat different for sure. I would never be HUNTING  ANIMALS though just to put a stuffed dead head on a wall so I could brag about it. Thank you for your reply Walt. But more people die in homes with guns. AT least I think I read that once upon a time. If you don't have a gun in your home you can't grab it and shoot your mate, right? :)
      January 13, 2021 11:49 AM MST

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    That is the oft-spoke view.

    However, the facts on domestic violence don't appear to support it.
    According to that research, looking at 35,000 domestic violence reports from the Philadelphia PD ... 1/3 of the weapons used were firearms.

    However, the article also goes on to say that according to say that The National Crime Victimization Survey, conducted since 1973 by the Bureau of Justice Statistics, showed that from 2002 to 2011 guns appeared 5 percent of the time at such incidents. 

    Generally, when someone goes into "kill mode" in a domestic violence situation, it doesn't matter if they have a gun or other weapon.  The victim is dead.  Whether from multiple gunshots, stab wounds, or a beating.

    As far as accidental deaths, those can be greatly reduced by education - "See a gun, leave it alone.  Don't play with it.  It's not a toy."  Also by teaching respect - "If it's not yours, don't take it."

      January 13, 2021 12:50 PM MST