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Do you have a "green thumb"? What have you eaten that came from your own garden?

Posted - May 31


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    I've some lettuces developing nciely - though the slugs and snails have a go at them. Plus some runner-beans and 3 or 4 tomato plants but the latter don't look too happy.

    I tried radishes but don't have much luck with them. The roots don't grow as they ought and eventually I end up with very pretty radish flowers but no edible radish tubers.

    I've sometimes grown dwarf tomatoes in compost-bags, successfully too, helped by a watering-system with a timer on it set to irrigate late at night to reduce evaporation loss. I grew a crop last year like that, and the garden's frogs loved it, as it gave them lots of damp but cosy little retreats.
      June 2, 2021 4:11 PM MDT

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    Have you had occasion to chat with Shuhak Durdle? He has a garden and green thumbs and fingers. It sounds awesome to me what you do grow. It is  HEAVENLY to go into your own garden and pick things and then prepare them for lunch or dinner. Years ago in a different lifetime I grew zuccini, carrots, radishes, green onions, cucumbers and strawberries with some success. ESPECIALLY the zuccini. i even took a flyer on growing potatoes and they were edible though not very beautiful. But I've never had luck with tomatoes. One year I tried to grow celery, cauliflower and broccoli. Oh boy what a fiasco! Some foods are just harder to grow while others are so very easy. Why I don't know. Thank you for your reply and Happy Thursday to you and yours m'dear! :)
      June 3, 2021 2:16 AM MDT