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Do you know practical methods to utilize Sacred Geometry?

Posted - November 18, 2022


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    • Making clothing without a pattern.
    • Doing carpentry around the house (measure twice, cut once).
    • Building your own model trains (my father built one to run all around our basement).
    • Buying the correct amount of material for roofing, flooring, wallpapering, installing a bathtub or cabinets, etc.
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    I can think of many uses for Plane and Solid Geometry, and their friends in Mensuration, Trigonometry and co-ordinates (Graphs and Vectors), and I do use some of them.

    Sacred Geometry though? That's a name new to me.

    I know the term Pure Geometry, which examines the properties of lines and shapes qualitatively, not numerically. That was part of the School Maths syllabus I was taught, with such problems as Proving length AB = length CD in some irregular plane figure by their relationships, not by calculating units of measure. We did also learn numerical geometry: areas, volumes and trigonometry; and on to graphs of equations whose geometry yields to basic Calculus.

    Well, we were taught them. Not sure I learnt much...

    (The Advanced Level Maths syllabus included 3D Graphs, Vectors, the Conic Sections and the Calculus of Solids of Revolution.)

    "Sacred" though...? Many of the Theorems and Proofs in Pure Geometry were established by the Classical Greek philosophers, and they did imbue their studies with much mysticism and an aura of hermetic knowledge. So is it a reference to that?


    NYAD... Yes, I measure twice, cut once...... and still manage to cut it the wrong length!
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