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Discussion » Questions » Math » sirena Martina, I'm getting workpages set for you to do-how would you like doing these?

sirena Martina, I'm getting workpages set for you to do-how would you like doing these?

See if you can complete these about 100% right real soon as you finish each pages.
I hope this lengthy math sheet don't/won't severely bore you when brought this one up to you, but you'll get some lengthy definition word defining, then you will get some variable in another basic math after this, then some other subject choices after these:

Then I will set in more work pages below this if I get that done setting.
Score in %-the closer the much more large credits you'll get later on after complete a whole sheet, then can later on purchase helpful power to help you solve other problems/pages, or like cheat through to other pages & just claim the extra points as get the score board later in this thread.

Posted - March 9


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    I may do them later. I may not do them at all. I'm tired because I solved three of Livvie's math challenges for you.
      March 9, 2023 9:21 PM MST

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    Thank You Martina, for doing those-that I was probably really having trouble of doing those.
    Where do I find your answer on doing some of Livvie's math problems, or can you bring it up here?

    Will that be okay if I bring-up the next work page of (dictionary) words on definition to do here soon, unless you really want that to wait before or till you say it's okay (to do so)?

    -In Math Problems-Do you think you rather like to have many/a lot of much easier math problems as some are much shorter, rather than just few of really hard/difficult math problems where there's some long story sentence in one/each of the difficult math problems?

    -But from me, I would just give out a lot of just mostly easier math problems, & that's one of the many of much easier math problems that I just posted to you to do shown up there!
      March 10, 2023 6:53 AM MST

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    I see that this large math page I just put up there is really packed, with a lot of "just the basic" math problems!
      March 10, 2023 6:56 AM MST

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    It took me more than an hour to set-up all these math problems in that large page put above.
    And in this large math page I put up there now for you-there's no negative answer for any division, & no remainder containing answer for any division there. But there will be some on next work page if it's math. This post was edited by DannyPetti at March 10, 2023 1:56 PM MST
      March 10, 2023 1:55 PM MST