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How would I fix this Apache Office Typing program?

When I had downloaded this Apache Office Typing App, it was working fine with no red markings to any words that I typed in it, then after a while, it then showing red lines on each words like this:

And I clicked the ABC spelling checker-to the available option it had, I clicked on 'Ignore all', if the 'Ignore once' won't work:

And after I clicked-in 'Ignore all', then it still don't get rid of any red markings from these typed words-it's not going through the rest of the words it's checking, but only steps through only one word per click from -'Ignore all'

Then it shows all the other rediculous words that don't even have any other words as in my knowledge/thought, as set to give word suggestions.

How else will I get this typing program app to be fixed, or what other typing program can I find that's in really good working condition & don't cost per month to use the typing program?

Posted - March 9, 2023