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Livvie, I have a note that I will like You to look at, can You look at it soon?

"You said to have fun on doing the math, but I looked through each as like it would be chaotic/almost tedious & really complicated (at first)"
I would keep trying/looking through to do the math if You really want me to,
I don't know if I can really figure through the math if other ones/members could not do the math,
Even the other members from other answer sites I posted about math to even state that might still be impossible to actually define,
I had typed to you other notes just in that thread about the math to you & didn't find any of another of your reply there,
I just gave a large page with a lot of simpler(more basic) of math problems for Martina to do next-as get to that one later,
I probably really great at drawing if not very good at math-I may do many more drawings soon-after I finish doing/making other things for here,
I showed couple math problems I did, & said to do all 5 with correct answers-seems really overwhelming & really piled-
I may continue with the answers that I get from other webpages & (other answer sites) & input just that answer & continue all the rest of them just like that & show what certain answers I just get to on all the rest of them.
"May just (keep) trying  in one more round for now!"

Posted - March 9, 2023


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    (Exhausting)-about the same to me too-as from the other math thread I typed there.
    I would like Livvie to do my math problems, then Livvie said she will do mine only if/after I do all of her 5 math problems-& that it have to be all correct answers on all the 5 math problems, but I don't think I can do it.
    The one question again for doing the math problems-would you rather like a lot of easy math rather then just one or few hard math?
      March 10, 2023 7:10 AM MST

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    Use the message feature if you want to speak to a specific individual. You are not in a chat room.  There may be one of those here, I'm not sure. 
      March 10, 2023 2:17 PM MST