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Discussion » Questions » Humor and Jokes » Have you heard the newest Christmas song with a Trump twist? "The Most Wonderful Time in Eight Years"

Have you heard the newest Christmas song with a Trump twist? "The Most Wonderful Time in Eight Years"

Gonna be a Classic

 It’s The Most Wonderful Time in 8 Years

It’s the most wonderful time in 8 years
Yet some kids are protesting
While Trump fans investing their time with good cheer
Sing “It’s the most wonderful time in 8 years”

It’s the hap-happiest voting season of all
With each staff member Trump picks, Democrats up to their old tricks …Just trashing them all
but It’s the hap- happiest election season of all

There’ll be one party hosting All three branches toasting
but how low now will the press go
They’ll spin misguided stories Trying to steal Trump’s glory
from a playbook written, long long ago

It’s the most wonderful time in 8 years
They’ll be much more enjoyment a lot less unemployment
Cause Trump will be near
It’s the most wonderful time in 8 years (go up)

Hillary’s party’s not hosing they’re no longer toasting,
Beyonce, Kanye, Cop Killers, Racists and the Muslim Brotherhood
They ignored true stories of Hillary who wasn’t sorry
for her crimes now and long ago

Now It’s the most wonderful time in 8 Years
We’ll deport all the criminals, Taxes will be minimal
Bad trade deals disappear
It’s the most wonderful time
yes the most wonderful time
Oh the most wonderful time… in 8 years!

Posted - December 19, 2016


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      December 19, 2016 7:05 AM MST

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    Oh EYAH.  


    Did you ever watch that amazingly great movie The Lion in Winter?  

    The King of France is arguing with Peter O'Toole telling him he is a despot who killed people, and stepped all over them and then made them love him for it. 

    Phillip II: You — you made my father nothing. You humiliated him, beat him down in every war, bedded his wife, you played mock the monk — and you made him love you for it. I was there. His last words were to you.

    You also are just like that.  He is sodomizing you and you love him for it. This post was edited by Jaded Junky Nurse Sharonna at December 19, 2016 8:22 AM MST
      December 19, 2016 8:17 AM MST

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    He is not even sworn in yet. He hasn't had the chance to screw anyone over and make them like it. 
    I know this much American workers are tired of being told your jobs go overseas that is just the way it is....tired of being forced to train their replacements who will do their job when it leaves. American workers have been getting messed over for a long time and told to deal with it. Trump says he will fight to keep our jobs. I believe he will....I believe his ego will not let him not try. Maybe he is just another lying politician but he don't know yet. 
      December 19, 2016 1:46 PM MST