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The Internet - Developed To Allow Companies To Refuse Enquiries?

Unless of course you want to buy something!

However... Unless the company is Hewlett-Packard and you want to buy their printer cartridges because the blighters have programmed their printers to reject refills and third-party ones. I've tried their sales web-site - it does not work.

Definitely though if the printer has suddenly decided to crop randomly, images put into documents; and you'd like the manufacturers' help in putting it right.  (This is what inspired me here - I found the HP Printer sites b++++y useless and very patronising, so marked its customer-satisfaction questions one-star only and told 'em so in the 'Comments' box.)

Definitely if you wish to solve a service problem with an ISP (BT in my case).

Or need help with specialist software that does work, but you can't understand how to use particular features because the officially-written pdf manual doesn't tell you, and the supposed training CD contains curious errors that result in you deleting the exercise it's had you follow!  

No good ringing - " Your call is valuable and we are experiencing unusually heavy demand" - yes, because your service or instructions are so poor - "please hold", and listen to Wagner's Gotterdammerung arr. Vangelis for 'Stylophone'.

Or e-posting: no e-address, or if there is one, your plaintive appeal for help will be ignored.

Or writing: no postal address, Oh My Goodness no. They'd have to pay someone to open the envelope and throw away the contents. Yes, that spelling is right, Mr. W. Gates, with an 's'!

Posted - December 14, 2017