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Discussion » Statements » Rosie's Corner » How many of y'all believe the gibberish prattle dung that the impeachment is unconstitutional?

How many of y'all believe the gibberish prattle dung that the impeachment is unconstitutional?

This from a prez who has stomped on it thrashed it trashed it burned it and ridiculed it? You are taking him seriously that he is sincerely concerned about UNCONSTITUTIONALITY? Why on earth do you set yourself up for that kinda blather? He laughs at you as you swallow it. I do not get it.

Posted - October 9, 2019


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    It's neither gibberish nor prattle and I think you know that. This is an INQUIRY into an impeachment process that is clearly defined in the constitution whether the impeachment instigators want to believe it or not. The rush to judgement is so that Congressional Dems can have it both ways, popularly known as having your cake and eating it too. They seek to circumvent any vestige of due process because they FEAR a trial in the Senate where evidence and testimony would have to be produced for all to see. Until a vote is taken in the full house backed by specified articles of impeachment coming out of the House Judiciary Committee, it is NOT an impeachment and is NOT legal and it CAN be challenged successfully. These people are in bad need of something other than "wishful thinking". Meanwhile the WH is playing their cards correctly by refusing to cooperate in any fashion or by sanctioning "short cuts" in what is clearly defined and historically tested.
      October 9, 2019 12:58 PM MDT

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    When Nixon chose to not cooperate with Congress, his downfall became inevitable. This is history. Innocent people do not behave this way. At least Nixon had enough remaining honor to leave like a grown man, instead of lashing out at everyone in sight like a stricken child caught with his pants down. Real leaders and good men don’t behave this way. The voters are watching. 
    It escapes you, SC, why such a corrupt, enormously incompetent and vain man should be subjected to inquiry; or why it won’t and shouldn’t be done on his terms. Now given his response, likening to a king who can’t be deposed, it escapes logic that anyone with a functioning cortex couldn’t recognize the answer.  

    What is happening is not a trial, only an inquiry, and and Trump’s old playbook of stonewalling any and all inquiry not only presents more bad optics and has served him ill in the past, it also demonstrates his despotic leanings in ruthlessly hiding the truth of every aspect of his dealings. 
    We’ll see how many lapdogs remain.

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      October 9, 2019 7:07 PM MDT