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Discussion » Statements » Rosie's Corner » Jeff Epstein Harvey Weinstein Bill Cosby. All pigs. What they did will live on in infamy. How could they do that to their families?

Jeff Epstein Harvey Weinstein Bill Cosby. All pigs. What they did will live on in infamy. How could they do that to their families?

Posted - October 9, 2019


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    You are kidding, right? Like any psychopath cares about their family and what they think.  

    Half of the psychopaths molest their own family.  And the others?  They USE their family as a SHIELD; a face to put the mask on with.  The family helps build the case for the psycho's stability and gives him the advantage of CRED.

    Oh, John Wayne Gacy couldn't have DONE that.  He is a celebrated member of society.  He is a clown in children's hospitals and he is friends with all the politicians in Chicago.    And he had a wife.  Who knew nothing.  

    Then we have the three you mentioned and it is the exact opposite of what I just said.  These psychopaths had handlers to mind their wants.  They had people in place that each psycho had groomed to do a job that was cushy and paid a fortune.  So, they got to be molesters.  And they had carte blanche.  

    Harvey Weinstien had a wife that was one of the classiest women in fashion.  Georgina Chapmann.  So,  I have no idea how much of a heart-attack he gave her when she learned what he was.  I'm SURE she would never have married him.  She was a STAR and he almost brought her down.  

    There is less excuse for Bill Cosby's wife. She had countless women tell her what her husband was.

    But, again, I am stating as proof they don't care about their families.  Not Harvey, not Jeffrey, and definitely NOT Cosby.

    who is georgina chapman

    Disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein was arrested in New York City Friday morning, and his estranged wife, Georgina Chapman, was reportedly connected to another arrest in Manhattan this week.

    Her driver Cristovoa Proenca, 44, was "charged with criminal mischief for allegedly getting handsy with a lensman trying to photograph" the Marchesa designer and her two children on West 11th Street in the West Village, sources told the New York Post.

    Chapman's fashion label is working to regain its prominence in the fashion world. After the brand called off its runway show at New York Fashion Week this past February —"Georgina couldn’t go through with it," a fashion insider told the New York Post. "She was too scared."—actress Scarlett Johansson made news when she wore a Marchesa gown to the Met Gala in early May.

    The line held its bridal presentation last year on October 5, the same day the New York Times published its bombshell report of Weinstein's alleged sexual harassment involving multiple women that led to his being fired by his own company and ignited a national dialogue on sexual assault. (Weinstein has denied the allegations.)

    Here are eight more things to know about the designer.

    She was born in London on April 14, 1976.
    Georgina Chapman

    Her mother, Caroline Wonfor, is a journalist, and her father, Brian Chapman, founded Percol, an organic coffee company. She attended Marlborough College, where Kate Middleton also went, and began modelling in her 20s. One of her first jobs was reportedly an ad for Head & Shoulders.

    She went to school for fashion.
    Georgina Chapman
    And then she became a successful fashion designer.
    Keren Craig and Georgina Chapman

    She launched Marchesa with Keren Craig, her friend and a fellow ex-model, in 2004. Chapman has judged Project Runway and Marchesa was a finalist for the 2006 CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund. The brand won Red Carpet Designer of the Year at the British Fashion Awards in 2007, and Chapman's older brother Edward is now the CEO and co-owner.

    She started dating Weinstein in 2004, and the two married in 2007.
    Georgina Chapman
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