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Poll for the Polish People

Are you Polish?  What percent?  Do you have good skin? 
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  • Trump is toast tic tic tic tic

  • Just Asking
    Just Asking
    This made me giggle. I'm half Polish. Growing up, my skin was gorgeous. Like a porcelain doll. Now, I'm allergic to everything and have reactions from that, plus my skin seems to go through bizarre cycles of oddball conditions. In the past, I've noticed it glows a happy glow when I've been back in Wisconsin. The beautiful flawless porcelain look comes back. I assumed it was a WI thing. Nope. I went to Cali last week and all my skin problems went away again. Within a day of my return to AZ, my stuff came back. I think my skin just hates Arizona. Or Arizona hates my skin. :/
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  • Trump is toast tic tic tic tic
    Trump is toast tic tic tic tic Just Asking
    You understand.  Polish people have some skin that rivals most everyone else's.  

    Remember you said you did not post a half-face of you anywhere?  Who is that woman with the half-face then?  The one that is on the opening credits of Answer Mug? 

    I thought that was you too.


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  • Randy D
    Randy D Just Asking

    So you're packing up and moving to California, right?  I live in California. You should have come here long ago. Welcome home, neighbor. 


    This poll thing is weird.  I am in your answer right now.  Ewww. 

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  • carbonproduct
    If i Russian to Polish my skin, i usually miss a spot. ;+

    This is insane.  I can get in your answer and talk?????

    July 9, 2017

  • Stu Spelling Bee
    Stu Spelling Bee

    September 18, 2017