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Will you wear this or not?

That being a unused plastic garbage, trash, bin bag/liner in the upcoming weeks.  Please comment on this poll.
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  • Merlin
    Hi~ It's been a while.  I do believe you have asked that question/poll before.  I'm not sure but is that considered trolling just to get attention and irritate people?
     In case you are aware, the unused, plastic. trashbag scene went out a while ago.  Here is a classy modified option that didn't even make the scene. 
    The fact that plastic, used or unused, is polluting our oceans and killing sea animals and land animals, let alone children, hit the media pretty hard.
    I would like to suggest finding a different avenue to troll about.
    You might get better responses.
    Other than that, I hope life is going well for you and you aren't freezing or roasting out there in your chosen garment of whatever sort it may be.
    Good luck on your new quest if you choose to except it.
    Take Care,

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