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Are you more or less reticent about posting an unpopular opinion?
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  • Transquesta
    The only exceptions are (the opinions of) those individuals whom I've grown to like/respect.
    September 30, 2016 - 5 like this

  • ForkNdaRoad
    I know for a fact that my opinions are unpopular, I've been told as much on multiple occasions.

    I always leave my opinion, sometimes just a small portion of it because I don't feel like breaking out the "FnDR-opinion-lexicon" on a regular basis. It's probably the only thing I really miss about SH. I had adequately conditioned the user-base to my lexicon in a manner of speaking. So when I used certain words they knew what I was referring to... there was a mutual acceptance of terms.

    But Trans, I don't wanna do it all over again! Do you know how long that took? It was like 4 freaking years. Do I have to?

    On the up side and as you know, I did find that once the lexicon had been firmly adopted even those who thought they stood in opposition to my ideas were actually rather open to them.

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  • Transquesta
    Transquesta ForkNdaRoad
    Yes. You have to do it again.  That's the curse of being the only lightbulb in a sea of ignorance.
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  • ForkNdaRoad
    ForkNdaRoad Transquesta
    You're being kind! I have been to a degree, but I've adopted a new method. Rather then quick brute-force, I'm going with slow incrementalism. From what I've seen, it works fabulously ;)
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  • Hartfire
    Hartfire Transquesta
    I personally would love to learn your personal lexicon.
    It's one of the most enjoyable things about good friendships when we discover the nuanced meanings in each other's words.
    Conversely, not understanding them can sometimes lead to some very unfortunate misunderstandings. Had one such experience in the last two days with someone very dear.

    October 2, 2016 - 3 like this

  • ForkNdaRoad
    ForkNdaRoad Hartfire
    Now that is a first, Ma'am!

    Sorry to hear that, I know that circumstance all too well and it truly is unfortunate. Almost
    always for no good reason at all. I find that happens quite often online as we don't have
    the subtle indicators in text that many rely on in face to face discussions.

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  • Hartfire
    Hartfire ForkNdaRoad
    That's it exactly. Especially irony and sarcasm often do not translate, because one needs background information to know the context, and sometimes that's as simple as knowing the writer's real views on things.
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  • ForkNdaRoad
    ForkNdaRoad Hartfire
    Every once in a while you encounter a rare bird who intuitively understands where you're coming from, but
    they're few and far between. In all my time online (almost 2 decades) I've met 4, maybe 5. Actually, that's
    quite a few now that I think about it!

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  • Hartfire
    It's more fun when there are differences - especially when people are willing to explain their views in depth.
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  • Transquesta
    Transquesta Hartfire
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