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Ideal number of times a person appears in activity feed at once

Let's all be diplomatic and above the board on this one, m'kay? No mentions of real life instances, please.

It's fairly easy for me to limit the number of times one person can appear in the activity feed at a time. Right now, I have no limits on it. I prefer to watch the full fresh stream of activity come in, so I know what's happening all over. Bear in mind, you can always remove specific people from your feed and do all kinds of customizations. You can watch just your friends, look at only one section of the site, or build a feed with just the content you want to see.

However, if the general member base wants me to create a maximum number of times one person can appear in the feed at any given time, I will. This will not be an opt-in system. It's global. It will affect you as much as it affects anyone else on the site. 

The feed starts off with 50 slots, though you can extend it with the more tab. Should we...
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