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How do I report or block someone here?

answerMug does not have a blocking system. Instead, we do our best to provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere for all, and we monitor/ moderate issues as necessary. Habitual "troubled" Muggers are escorted out. 

If you're having trouble with a specific member because they're bullying, attacking, stalking, or otherwise violating our TOS, please report them. Most content includes "report" flags that you may use to notify the admin. You may also use the "Feedback" tab to talk with the admin. The Feedback reports allow for messages back and forth between you and the admin, so you'll always know if your report was seen and what action was taken as a result of your report. The "Feedback" tab is located on the left side of the screen for desktop users or in the main menu under home. You may also access the Feedback page here

We understand that sometimes people don't want their names attached when they're reporting something. To be clear, your report is never shared with members and the creator of the content that was reported is never told whether the issue was something the mods caught on their own or if someone reported it. Moreover, content is never removed because it was reported. It's removed when it violates our TOS. No amount of reports for content that don't violate the TOS will result in it being removed. At any rate, if you have concerns over remaining anonymous when you report, please log out of your account or open a private/ incognito window. Then, file your report using the "Contact Admin" link found in the footer menu.