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How do I find out who reported me?

In short, you can't. We rely on our members to help keep answerMug a fun and inviting place to be, and we ask all members to report issues when they see them. 

Content is never removed because it was reported. Although our reporting system can alert a mod/ admin when something needs to be checked, the final decision is always made by a mod/ admin. Content may be removed after a report is made and checked by a mod/ admin or it may be removed if a mod/ admin saw the material during his/ her normal use of the site. If someone tipped us off about problematic content, we won't reveal the source.

If there was an issue with your content, an admin or mod should have notified you of what was removed and how it violated the TOS. Although we cannot reinstate content we've deleted, you may still contact the admin if you feel there was an error you'd like addressed or if you didn't receive a message from a mod/ admin about the removal of your content.