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How do I personalize my profile using a mobile device?

The profile styler was really designed to be used on a desktop system, but we know that a whole lot of Muggers only access the site using their mobile devices, and want the exact same features that the desktop users have. So, we've left it intact for mobile users, but you'll get the best results by using the "Lock-Screen" button in the black bar at the top of the screen before you begin. This locks all the elements in place, so you get a better view.

Given how tiny the screens are on mobile devices, you may prefer to choose from the designs other members have shared. To do this, go to your profile and look for the "Edit Profile Style" below your profile photo. Then, select "Themes" from the menu and choose a design you like.

Alternately, you can also steal the design one of your friend has if they've agreed to share it. Just visit their profile and look for the link that says "Apply Theme" below their profile photo. If the link isn't there, they've opted not to share their artistry.