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How does answerMug pay for itself?

At this point in time, the Mug does not make a profit and is not operating as a traditional business does. Our moderators are volunteers and most of the site's funding is paid by the site admin. However, like any other "business" we have fees to pay to keep our lights on and keep up with development projects. 

We earn revenue from a few different areas. At this point in time, our biggest generator is the Taboola ads, which link to content around the web. You'll often see them on the bottom or side of a page and we get paid each time someone clicks on a story.

We also have banner ads that you'll see on the tops of pages, which work on a bidding system. Advertisers tend to look at our traffic and then decide what they're willing to pay for a day of advertising. So, in these cases, you help us pay our bills just by being here and using the site normally.

Members may also purchase credits to buy virtual gifts. We don't encourage this, though- we'd prefer that people earn credits by using the site. However, the can be bought fairly inexpensively for those who want to help the Mug and spread some joy around the site.

From time to time, we dabble in sponsorship as well. If you run a business and would like to advertise on answerMug or sponsor us, please use the link at the bottom of the page to contact the site admin.

Lastly, we also accept donations. These are processed by PayPal, so it's safe and secure. They protect your data and answerMug never even sees your credit card information. You don't need to have a PayPal account to help, and any amount is greatly appreciated. You can access the donation portal here.